Save South Manchester Law Centre

Report by SMLC
Published: 11/10/10

Lobby Manchester Council
Town Hall, Manchester
Wednesday 13th October 2010
9.30 am

We want to have as large a lobby of the Manchester Council as possible so please spread the word to those who may not know. We want to send a message to the councillors within Manchester of the widespread anger that there is to the cuts to funding South Manchester Law Centre along with the other Law Centres and immigration advice services.

If the cuts are not overturned, the Manchester Council and Legal Service Commission (LSC) contracts will mean NO LAW CENTRES at all in Manchester.

If the immigration cuts specifically are not overturned, there will be NO PUBLICLY FUNDED IMMIGRATION AND ASYLUM ADVICE services based in the city of Manchester.

The loss of the free legal aid through the South Manchester Law Centre and the Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit represents an attack on the most vulnerable within our community. Free legal aid is an essential part of the welfare state. Cuts will hurt the poorest and weakest the most.

Over 200 people came to the Public Meeting in Longsight Pakistani Community Centre on Thursday (7th October) and heard from people who use the services of the Law Centre, including the Somali community, the Sudanese community, local councillors, other referring advice agencies and everyone who has used the Law Centre for the last 35 years.

The message was clear: if the funding bodies truly want local accessible quality services, as they say they do, then they must STOP THESE CUTS NOW.


What you can do to be involved in the campaign

1. Sign the online petition at or take the petition around your workplace. You can download a petition from the South Manchester Law Centre’s website Return any petitions to South Manchester Law Centre, 584 Stockport Road, Longsight, Manchester, M13 0RQ

2. Contact your MP or local councilor. You can find your local councilor on this link You can find your local MP

3. Come to the weekly campaign meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays at South Manchester Law Centre, 584 Stockport Road at 5. 30pm.

Ring 0161 225 5111 for more information - contact Sukhdeep Singh - or Paul Morris 07831576121