Port of Seattle Demo report

Myles Sundin
14 Mar 2002

Tuesday’s rally and demonstration in front of the Port of Seattle pier 69 headquarters was a great success! I want to thank all that were involved and participated. It was a tremendous show of solidarity among unions and citizens.

The banners of many unions and citizen groups flew proudly as they joined in unison, singing songs of solidarity! The “Port Players“ performed in front of the crowd and received a roaring ovation for their skit which helped the taxpayers better understand how their money is being provided to multinational corporations in the Ports form of corporate welfare.

While in the commission meeting the homeless pleaded with Mic Dinsmore and the commissioners not to throw them out of the shelter at pier 46 and into the cold wet streets! Under the intense public scrutiny the Port gave a 60 day extension before they throw them to the streets. When asked why they, the commissioners did not invest in the community and help build a shelter, low income housing or maybe a childcare facility they sat with their lips pressed together under the new full page gag order they issued to prevent the public from asking questions or getting information in a public setting.

Under the intense pressure raised by the demonstrations outside the commission reached deep into their hearts and handed out a 60 day reprieve from the cold Seattle streets. Maybe Mic will hand out dry pieces of cardboard as they are forced out.

The recent massive public outcry and accountability demands are forcing change. WE are raising the Port up onto the public radar screen, they will not be able to hide their actions much longer and soon all voters will have the opportunity to see what decisions have been made in the smoke filled chambers and hidden from the public in the shadows and will gain the understanding to make wise choices when they cast their ballots.

At the Open Public meeting a Citizens Resolution to The Port of Seattle Commission was read and submitted to be part of the public record.

Tomorrow March 15 from 9:30am to 12:00 we will be at Sea-Tac in the sky bridges exercising our rights to free speech by handing out information to the public to raise awareness of the Ports actions. We are asking for volunteers so please hurry and call me to reserve a spot.

Again thanks to all,

Myles Sundin