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BMA website

The Heart of the Matter: Speech to Junior Doctors demo, Royal Liverpool Hospital

NHS Devolution Dangers: video and documents

BMA rejects imposition of Junior Doctors contract
“We will consider all options open to us”

Why are junior doctors really striking? (video, OurNHS)
High fives, cakes and flying bicycle pickets — public support rides high for the doctors strike (OurNHS)

Pill Cost Pennies-Drugs Cost Lives! Protest Of Gilead & JP Morgan Profiteering Meeting (Labor Video)
In America’s Prisons: Mumia and the Nightmarish Hepatitis C Epidemic (Counterpunch)

Save NHS Bursaries: Nurses, Midwives, Allied Health Professionals
Sat 9 Jan, St Thomas' Hospital, London

Junior Doctors strikes: BMA statement and correspondence, picketing map, leaflet (BMA)
How YOU can support the Junior Doctors (OurNHS)

Emergency care only between 8am on Tuesday, 12 January and 8am on Wednesday, 13 January (24 hours)
Emergency care only between 8am on Tuesday, 26 January and 8am on Thursday, 28 January (48 hours)
Full withdrawal of labour between 8am and 5pm on Wednesday, 10 February

The NHS is headed for a Devolution Iceberg: Liverpool (OurNHS)
London NHS devolution - "It's obvious to all but gullible, power-grabbing councillors - this is about dumping blame for closures" (OurNHS)

Legal challenge to Unison General Secretary election
Petition to Unison President Wendy Nicholls
Thanks for taking the time to campaign and vote
Not the end of the road
#Unisongate: Why we must demand an independent Inquiry; Complaint to the Returning Officer
Comment on misuse of UNISON resources
‘Damning evidence’ of abuse of union resources by paid officials in Unison’s general secretary election

Junior Doctors strikes suspended
To Our Fellow NHS Workers, Trade Unionists and Campaigners

Junior doctors vote overwhelmingly for industrial action as BMA approaches Acas (BMA)
Junior doctors vote yes to strike, yes for our patients, yes for the future of our NHS (OurNHS)
Hunt’s incompetence driving docs strike vote (KONP)

BMA sets dates for Junior Doctors strikes, pending ballot result

Emergency care only — from 8am, Tuesday 1 December to 8am Wednesday 2 December
Full walk out — from 8am to 5pm, Tuesday 8 December
Full walk out — from 8am to 5pm, Wednesday 16 December

Junior Doctors are fighting for the NHS's life, as Tories try to silence all healthworkers
Letter to Junior Doctors from Barts Clinical Director for Orthopaedics & Trauma (p1)
Letter to Junior Doctors (p2)

UNISON: Drop the Trade Union Bill
RMT: Right to Strike
Trade Union Bill represents major attack on civil liberties in the UK (Liberty, BIHR, and Amnesty International)
The Trade Union Bill is an attack on the NHS (Our NHS)

Get Your Bombs Off Our Lawn
The Arms Industry and the University of Liverpool

Dear Elbit workers

4 Oct: TUC demonstration at Conservative Party Conference
2 Nov: TUC mass lobby of Parliament – protect the right to strike

Healthy Liverpool: Gambling with Our Future

Remembering Bill Hunter

Our Health –
or Their Wealth?

Healthy Liverpool: Gambling with Our Future

100 hours to save the NHS: Labour's Manifesto analysed (Open Democracy)

Bring Back the NHS

Keep Our NHS Public: Demands for the NHS

Virgin on Insanity
Marathon Whitewash of the NHS Grab
(KONP leaflet at London Marathon)

Sign Letter to Support the NHS Reinstatement Bill

KONP protest Labour's NHS "profits cap"
as Ed Miliband speaks in Manchester 21 Apr 11am MMU

Campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill
SNP backs NHS Reinstatement Bill
MPs table NHS Reinstatement Bill

Sacked union leader Charlotte Munro reinstated
Charlotte Munro Reinstated by Barts Trust

Mid-Yorks Trust breaches Agenda for Change and collective agreement
flashback: Mid-Yorks 3 day strike against downbanding and pay cuts
2012 background: Mid-Yorks strike report and donations

Reclaim the Union: for a fighting, democratic Unison

DevoManc Demo against NHS Devolution 29 March Manchester
Tory Spending Devolution to Manchester
Spells Disaster for NHS
(John Lister, Morning Star)
MANCHESTER - The Birth & Death of the NHS
Gtr Manchester KONP opposes DevoManc
Gtr Manchester Test Bed for Five Year Forward Plan to Destroy NHS

NHS Pay: UNISON Health Exec March 3rd 2015

NHS Pay: Reject this Rotten Offer! (Health Worker)
Pay Offer Spreadsheet

The Destruction of Community Based GP Services

999 Convention for the NHS 28 Feb
London NHS Rally 10 March
People's Convention for the NHS 11 Apr

Today in the Commons - the Efford Bill (Peter Roderick)
Efford's "Save the NHS" Bill - does it do what it says on the tin? (Caroline Molloy, OurNHS)
Efford Bill: a framework in which privatisation can flourish

Royal Liverpool PFI: A Threat to Our Future

NHS Charges: First they came for the Immigrants

NHS: Three to Four days

The people of Madrid resist the health invaders!

The White Tide for Health in Spain

London demo report and video

Royal Liverpool: New Hospital Yes, PFI No!
Trust defends PFI plan for ‘best hospital in country’

Princes Park Health Centre (pdf)
Liverpool PCT broke procedure in handing GP surgeries to SSP Health

Peterborough TUC appeal re PFI
Peterborough: Trust’s £2bn PFI fiasco could wreck our NHS!
Liverpool: Choose NHS - Scrap PFI

No to PFI - Royal Liverpool hospital demo 6 Dec

Keep Our NHS Public letter to Clinical Commissioning Groups

South-West pay cartel demo 1 Dec

Bolton NHS FT faces £38million cuts

Mid-Yorks 3 day strike against downbanding and pay cuts
Mid-Yorks strike report and donations

Yunus Bakhsh: The fighter who refused to go down (Socialist Worker)

The attack on Agenda for Change: Heads of Agreement
Future of AfC: Unison consultation in South East region
10 reasons to reject NHS Pay Cuts

Open letter: Defend AFC

NHS Yes... PFI No! (PDF)

Mid-Yorkshire hospitals strike against downbandings: Wakefield rally Thurs 1 Nov
Mid-Yorkshire admin strike 88% YES vote

Victory for Yunus Bakhsh as Trust pays dearly for sacking

Stroud Victory: A landmark triumph for people power!

London Hospitals

Five demonstrations to save London’s hospitals

Stop A&E closures: March to Ealing hospital 15 Sept
Save Central Middlesex Hospital: Demo 15 Sept
Ealing Hospital and ICO Staff Side handout
Hospitals Petition Form
Ealing Hospital Unite Newsletter Aug 2012 (download 4 Mb Publisher document)
Toxicology unit at St Thomas’s Hospital threatened with closure

Mid-Yorkshire Hospital UNISON Admin & Clerical staff dispute

Royal Free Radiographers strike as private patients get priority

Unite: Colindale Blood Transfusion faces strike

Report from Unison Health Service Group Executive AGM
Unison North West Regional health committee 16/7/12

Anger as Commissioning Groups rubber-stamp massive hospital cuts in West London (Health Emergency)

UNISON calls for ‘Facts not Fiction’ on South West NHS pay
Leaked document reveals Pay Cartel to undermine Agenda for Change
Derriford Unison petition Plymouth NHS Trust

Oxfordshire PCT stewards reject Agenda for Change retreat

Gov’t moving to impose NHS pensions offer

South London Hospitals threat: KONP London 28 June

Will you still need me... when I'm 64
Animation: Trafford General 7 July 2012

Going South with the PFI (Health Policy Insight)

NHS Birmingham strike over pay cuts

Keep GloucestershireÂ’s NHS Public: Stroud 16 June
Keep Our NHS Public AGM + National Conference 23 June

Oxfordshire PCT Stewards’ newsletter

Doctors to take industrial action over pensions 21 June (BMA)

NHS GMB members 96.5% vote to reject pensions deal, on 30% turnout

NHS strike 10 May: Unite events and picket lines
NHS strike 10 May: London map

Unison NHS Pensions Ballot: Report from Health Service Exec
Comments on Unison NHS Pensions Ballot
Unison NHS Pensions Ballot, Unite-PCS-UCU strike 10 May
Social Enterprises, Pensions Ballot, and PFI

Unite healthworkers to step up pensionsÂ’ fight on 10 May
PCS civil servants pensions action starts with strike 10 May

Pensions: Building for strike action
Report from Unison Health Exec 4 April 2012
Democracy in Unison
NHS Pensions: Report of Unison Health Service Exec 21 March

Serco preferred bidder for Suffolk community services

Health Bill passes — Campaign Begins

Greek healthworkers strike
Update from the Greek hospital under workers control
Greek hospital now under workers’ control

NHS bill: keeping parliament in dark is a constitutional outrage
Lords asked to consider Risk Register
Too Risky to tell the Public?
Faculty of Public Health Risk Assessment of Health Bill

video: Save Our NHS rally

580,000 and rising: please sign by Monday morning and forward to contacts

Medics to challenge Con-Dem MPs at next election

Oxford sit-in protests Health Bill

Corporate Watch investigate tax-dodging private health firms

NHS Consultants appeal to the Queen

Tomorrow’s Doctors write to Prime Minister

NHS public meeting Hackney 29 March

Vote in 38 degrees poll: Organise a huge march against the Health & Social Care Bill

TUC Save Our NHS rally: Len McCluskey
TUC Save Our NHS rally: John Lister
video: BMA feeder march to TUC rally
TUC Save Our NHS rally: Alex Scott-Samuel

TUC rally Save Our NHS 7 March London

United statement from BMA, RCM, RCN, CSP

The Lib Dem conference and the NHS Bill

Lib-Dem conference: NHS campaigners comment

“Constitutional Outrage” if Bill passed without Parliament examining risks

Opposition debate 13 Mar, Whitehall Demo 17 Mar, BMJ article

Keep Our NHS Public Gateshead leafletting
TUC Gateshead Rally for the Alternative

Swindon 5 day strike starts International Women's Day 8 Mar
Swindon hospital strike against Carillion bullies
Carillion: 12 more days of strike (GMB)
Video: GMB Swindon hospital strike - We will win against racist bullies (Union News)

Pensions: UNITE Consultative Vote and recommendation
Pensions: UNISON Health Exec postpones decision on Heads of Agreement

photo: Tom Bimpson
Keep Our NHS Public Merseyside press release 1 Mar
Demonstration against privatisation of the NHS: 3 Mar
A4 poster for Liverpool NHS demo 3 March

Save Our NHS Rally – Manchester Saturday 3 March

Indian nurses strike (

Liverpool doctor John Ashton “outraged” by disciplinary hearing over Health Bill criticism

"Summit of the Uninvited" Protest Downing St. Mon 20 Feb

e-petition: Drop the Health Bill

OccupyHarvard & OccupyBoston engulf private health lobbyist

Lobby & Pressurise Simon Hughes To Stop NHS Privatisation 25 Feb
London lobbies and demos against the Health Bill
e-petition: RCN call a national demo against the Health Bill

John Lister: Health and Social Care Bill - Unpicking the spin
Lord David Owen: Still Fatally Flawed – the Proposed NHS for England
The consequences of abandoning the Health and Social Care Bill (BMJ)

Fighting for Pensions - Against NHS Privatisation

RCGP calls for PM to withdraw Health Bill
BMA response to RCGP call to scrap Health Bill
Royal College of Midwives calls for Bill to be shelved
Chartered Society of Physiotherapists says Withdraw health bill now

Whiston and St Helens Hospitals to be bailed out of PFI debts by Government £1.5bn fund

Royal Liverpool Joint Staff-side demo against PFI and Private Patients Permit 27 Jan

UNISON Oxfordshire Health requests Special Conference of Health Service Group

Adrian O'Malley: Report from UNISON Health Exec 10 Jan 2012
Karen Reissmann: Report from UNISON Health Exec 10 Jan 2012

UNISON South-East region debates NHS Pensions

Unison Oxfordshire Health rejects Heads of Agreement
UNISON Oxfordshire Health Branch to debate pensions offer

UNITE: Health Sector National Committee dump pensions offer
Unite unanimously rejects NHS pensions offer

The assault on universalism: how to destroy the welfare state (BMJ)

Carillion PFI: Swindon NHS Ballot

Why the Gov’t won’t publish NHS Bill Risk Register

Why BMA is opposing the Health and Social Care Bill
BMA briefing to Peers on opposing whole Bill

30 November: Liverpool photoreport
30 November: Leicester, Cambridge, Bristol

Fighting for Pensions - Against NHS Privatisation

Report from UNISON Health Service Exec 22 Nov 2011

‘Proof’ government plans to privatise the NHS

Wigan & Leigh NHS campaigns to support 30th November strike

UNITE: 75% vote for pensions strike
Society of Radiographers: Industrial action supported by 8504 votes to 1648
Physiotherapists overwhelming vote for action

Circle Healthcare plans Manchester NHS gateway hospital

UNISON Extraordinary Health Executive 3.11.11 One item - Pensions

NHS pensions: towards 30 Nov

Yunus Bakhsh: North East health bosses criticised by employment judge

Blood Money campaign scores major victory

Outside and inside the RCGP conference, with Andrew Lansley

Questions for the Lords
Public Health doctors call for Bill to be scrapped
BMA renews call for Bill to be withdrawn

NMC ‘clarifies’ that official industrial action does not breach nursing code

Manchester 3 Oct Tory Party Conf

NHS Campaigners press Lords to challenge LansleyÂ’s flawed Health Bill

Block the Bridge, Block the Bill (YouTube)
UK Uncut to shut down Westminster Bridge in protest over NHS bill

Grasp the nettle now - before itÂ’s too late (John Lister, Morning Star)

Legal Action Launched to Stop NHS Social Enterprise Plans

Defend NHS Pensions

NHS: Prepare for Battle

Letter in The Times from over 400 doctors
Letter from Prof Harry Keen to a Conservative MP

Royal Liverpool demo to defend the NHS
MPs who vote for Andrew LansleyÂ’s Bill will destroy the NHS

Unhealthy and Unwise: Press Conf to launch dossier on Health Bill 6 Sept House of Commons

Demonstrate Tues 6 Sept Royal Liverpool hospital: Health Bill, Cuts, Pensions
Flyer for Joint Trade Union rally Royal Liverpool hospital Tues 6 Sept (Word)
London protests 7 Sept
Grim Reaper returns to Atherton 3 Sept

Liberating the NHS: source and destination of the Lansley reform (pdf)

Royal Liverpool Hosp Consultant: Health Bill will undermine principles of NHS
20 Liverpool doctors: Health Bill will cause irreparable harm

UNISON: halt the Health and Social Care Bill

GP petition against Health Bill

Stop Closure of Manchester Mental Health Unit 25 Aug

Keep Our NHS Public, Toxteth 24 Aug

Keep Our NHS Public - London 31 Aug
Kill Lansley's NHS Bill (Updated)
Video: EMERGENCY!: The Battle to Save the NHS (Reel News)

Save OUR Maternity Services at Fairfield General Hospital, Bury

UNISON Oxfordshire Health - Pensions Q&A

Save Royal Alexandra Hospital Kids Ward

NHS ‘Grim Reaper’ protest in Wigan

Health Bill: Letter to Shirley Williams

RCGP: Health bill should be amended again or withdrawn (Pulse Today)

BMA prepares to call on MPs to derail health bill (Pulse Today)
BMA rejects Health and Social Care Bill

Sir Roger Boyle: “It is horrific that the NHS’s future is threatened” (Independent)

Is competition law bad for patients? (BMJ)

UNISON North-West Regional Health Committee report
UNISON Health Service Exec report

The NHS needs reform and accountability - not opening up of the market
What patient choice will mean in practice

Protest Andrew Lansley Manchester 7 July

NHS Birthday London demo report

Celebrate and Defend the NHS: KONP Merseyside leaflet

Celebrate and Defend the NHS - London demo 5 July
NHS birthday demo 12-2 Tues 5 July Royal Liverpool Hosp
Celebrate and Defend the NHS - Vote down the Health Bill!

Bury the Bill! (BMJ Editorial)

BMA members defy leadership to call for health bill to be scrapped (Pulse)

Briefing on the Health Bill amendments - Still Dark (SHA)

Weakening the Sec of State’s responsibility - write to Scrutiny!

Defend Our NHS - transcript of Liverpool public meeting
Liverpool TUC, Royal Liv & B'green Hosps Joint Staff-side, Keep Our NHS Public: 22 June (PDF)

Lansley clings to Any Qualified Provider (False Economy)
Allyson Pollock: A return to pre-NHS fear (Guardian)

Saving the NHS: the fight goes on

Some comments on the Gov't response to NHS Future Forum

Scrap the Health & Social Care Bill
Keep Our NHS Public - Wigan 20 June

The NHS we need and deserve

Letter to Lansley: a plan without evidence

Please use Search form with keywords "NHS" or "PFI" or "NHS Pay"... for more coverage.

South Africa

NUMSA press statement on the crisis in COSATU
NUMSA rejects claims of violence
Background to the strike
NUMSA response to allegations by former members
Resolutions at NUMSA Congress 2013

G4S in South Africa: Mangaung prison is a private hell
G4S in South Africa: State seizes bedlam-riven Bloem prison

Who benefits as COSATU suspends Vavi?

Letters of support for Wits students charged over Israel protest

MaziBuko Jara From South Africa Reports On Marikana Miner's Struggle

The Strike Wave and New Workers’ Organisations (SACSIS)

Call to Cosatu workers to unite with striking mineworkers (DLF)
Police disperse striking miners protest at Cosatu rally

Marikana massacre inquiry reveals Ramaphosa email on eve of massacre
Kumba miners strike committee statement

Marikana prequel: NUM and the murders that started it all (Jared Sacks)
Marikana massacre: a turning point (Martin Legassick)
Mine workers hope lies in mass action (Mail & Guardian)

Neville Alexander

COSATU outrage at charges against miners
NPA withdraws charges
NPA defends charges

Lonmin: ICTUR letter to Jacob Zuma
In memory of our fallen African brothers in Marikana
Lonmin: the questions that need answers

Lonmin strikers vow to defy dismissal threat (Mail & Guardian)
Lonmin video(Mail & Guardian)
Lonmin threatens mass dismissals
Lonmin’s Burning: industrial and political background as police shoot miners

More South Africa coverage

BDS: actions
in solidarity with Palestine

Historic Landslide BDS Vote by Grad Student Union at University of California (Labor for Palestine)
University of California Labor Union Makes History with BDS Vote (Tikkun)
IWW supports BDS (Labor for Palestine)

Response to Greg Dropkin (Jack Heyman)

Reply to Jack Heyman: Setting the record straight (Greg Dropkin)

Jack Heyman: Fighting Zionist Oppression – For Workers Action or BDS?

BDS: reply to Jack Heyman (Greg Dropkin)
How Protests Against Israeli Bombing of Gaza Stopped Zim Ships (Jack Heyman, Counterpunch)

ZIM Beijing skips Oakland, heading West across the Pacific
Last reported at 2014-Oct-27 20:00 UTC. Time now 2014-Oct-30 08:11 UTC. Position N 27°36' W 144°18'.Sailwx tracker

The American Resistance to Israel (Paul Larudee, Dissident Voice)
Why we are blocking the boat (Mondoweiss)
Stop ZIM Action Committee

see also Docks

Palestinian Civil Society Salutes California Dockworkers, Endorses their “Block-the-Boat” BDS Action
Transport Workers Solidarity Committee response to ILWU International on ZIM protests
Liverpool Friends of Palestine message to ILWU Local 10 and Oakland/SF activists
Zionist Organization of America head calls for arrest of Block the Boat protesters
Liverpool dockers solidarity message to ILWU Local 10
Stop ZIM Action Committee solidarity message to ILWU Local 10
Zim Shanghai leaves Oakland without unloading
Palestinian Civil Society Salutes California Dockworkers
Bay Area activists again prevent unloading of Israeli ship (Electronic Intifada)
Oakland action continues against Zim Shanghai 27 Sept
Protesters picket another Zim vessel in Oakland (JOC 27 Sept)

The unpublicized impact of a successful BDS action
Video: ILWU Rank and File Back Picket Of Zim ship Piraeus At Port Of Oakland
Letter from Barcelona Coordinadora to ILWU Locals 10 & 34
Protests targeting Zim to continue in Tacoma, Seattle

Tacoma, Seattle protest plans
Zim Piraeus unloads, leaves Oakland
Zim Ship targeted by protesters makes U-turn, heads back to Oakland
Zim Piraeus forced to leave Port of Oakland after Labor Community Pickets and ILWU Refusal to Work

Video & Audio: Mass march against Zim Piraeus in the Port of Oakland
Dockers honour picket line, prevent Zim ship offloading
Zim Piraeus remains at sea as thousands block Port of Oakland (Guardian)

Flashback 2010: Blockade: Dockers respond to Israel’s Flotilla Massacre and Gaza Siege
2009: Durban: Victory for Workers Solidarity

Mass picket Zim ship Oakland 16 August
call for global action on Gaza

UNITE Liverpool letter to the Captain of Charlotte Borchard

Gaza: End the Siege (Liverpool leaflet)

Stand with Palestinian workers in Gaza: a call for trade union solidarity

full text


The Palestinian trade union movement, with support from with support from the Congress of South African Trade Unions and its affiliates, is unanimously calling on trade unions internationally to take immediate action to stop the Israeli massacre in Gaza and hold Israel to account for its crimes against the Palestinian people.

We ask you to consider the following actions:

  • Stop handling goods imported from or exported to Israel,
  • Divest your trade union pension — and other — funds from Israel Bonds as well as from corporations and banks that are complicit in Israel’s occupation and human rights violations
  • Dissociate from Israeli trade unions which are complicit in the occupation
  • Support our call for a military embargo on Israel
  • Share information with your members about the siege and destruction of Gaza and ask your members to boycott Israeli products and to share their knowledge with family, co-workers, and friends.

Today more than ever, solidarity with Palestinians workers and their families in Gaza and the rest of the occupied Palestinian territory is an essential component of progressive, principled trade union politics. Given the complete failure and unwillingness of governments to hold Israel accountable to international law there is widespread recognition that Israel’s occupation must be isolated by the pressure of civil society.

We rely on our brothers and sisters in the trade union movement internationally to continue a proud tradition of international solidarity and to stand with us as you stood with the struggle against apartheid in South Africa.

Issued by the following Palestinian trade unions:

Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions-Gaza
General Union of Palestinian Workers
Union of Professional Association
Federation of Independent Trade Unions

With the support of: Congress of South African Trade Unions


Stop G4S

Labour Party will boycott G4S security services over repression of Palestinians (Left Futures)

G4S Briefing for Trade Unionists (short version)
G4S Briefing for Trade Unionists (full reference version)

G4S won’t guard BBC


Blacklisted: The Secret War Between Big Business and Union Activists

Campaigners welcome undercover police inquiry (Liverpool Echo)

How local authorities can block the blacklisters

Campaigners welcome MEPs move on blacklisting
Another construction blacklist revealed

Jack Kennedy plaque invite

Firm linked to blacklist given a seat on the HSE board

FACK join Crane protest against deregulation
Lives at risk - massive attack on health and safety!
Crane protest DWP London 3 July

5th Anniversary of the Battersea Crane collapse 20 Sep
Construction Safety Campaign AGM 26 Nov

Westfield: three serious incidents in one week

Construction: Protest 35% pay cut & deskilling - Manchester

Blacklist Buccaneer Balfour Beatty wins safety award

BLACKLISTED video on YouTube

Don't jail Ark Tribe: London 23 Nov

Construction Safety Campaign AGM 20 Nov Liverpool

Justice My Arse!: Shrewsbury 24 and Blacklisted workers Benefit 4 Dec London

Parliamentary Book Launch: Construction Safety Campaign 13 Oct London

Blacklisted: TUC Fringe meeting and new video
Leaflet for Blacklisted TUC Fringe mtg + video (Word)

Corus worker killed on site, again

Death at Lindsey Oil Refinery: Unite calls for independent inquiry

Union rep who stood up for safety faces jail

South African miners condemn xenophobic construction company Realcorp

Blacklist campaign condemns lack of protection in UK law

Crane safety win for Battersea Crane Disaster Action Group

Blacklist: progress for Steve Acheson
Blacklist: Defend Steve Acheson: Fiddlers Ferry 16 Feb 7am

Organising the Union at the Media City construction site

Blacklist: Protest lobby Employment Tribunal Manchester 24 Nov

Construction Safety Campaign: Ban Lead Now!
CSC AGM with Rita Donaghy 14 Nov London

Justice for Shrewsbury Pickets: London 9 Nov

Blacklist: Steve Acheson victory at High Court

Blacklisted electrician charged under Terrorism Act!
Blacklisted electrician hounded by company
Bricklayer wins Balfour blacklist compensation hearing
Mandelson urged to strengthen blacklist law

Construction Safety Campaign AGM (PDF)

Blacklisted builders protest Laing O'Rourke Bury 27 Aug

Israel: Irish construction giant digs deeper in Occupation

Lindsey Oil Refinery victory
Lindsey Oil Refinery strike: 900 sacked, support grows

Shrewsbury 24 March and Rally 4th July

Wembley death contractor to be sentenced at Old Bailey 9 July

Health and Safety in South Yorkshire Construction Sector

Exposing the construction blacklist

Justice for the Shrewsbury 24: Lobby Parliament 12 Mar

RMT branch letter to Lindsey strikers
Healthworkers: Wildcat construction strikes - how should we react?
Lindsey refinery strikers victory for all workers
Update on the spreading strikes by construction engineers in the refinery and power industry

UNISON: Whose union? Our union!

Vote for a fighting leadership: Unison NEC London Region

Victory for Unison 4 at Employment Appeal Tribunal

Bromley Unison members leave Unison - Stay and Fight!
Newham Unison suspension lifted finally!

Havering Unison Lobby Wednesday 25 May

Defend the 4 meeting London Tues 22 Feb
Employment Tribunal finds socialists were unfairly disciplined by UNISON

Unison United Left: Dawn Raids on union offices

Defend the Four: Dawn Raids protest at Unison HQ Mon 15 Mar

Caroline Bedale: Disciplinary Appeal 6 and 8 April

Jon Rogers: report to London Unison branches on union democracy
Dawn Raids on Unison Offices

Certification Officer: UNISON breached union rules in NEC election

Sheffield UNISON calls Public Sector lobby 5 March

Defend the Four - newsletter and lobby 24 Feb London

Darlington - fighting cuts with one hand tied behind back?
Alan Docherty: Who’s Next?

Manchester Metropolitan University redundancies: Defend Jobs, Education and Trade Unionism - demo 10 Feb

Support Caroline Bedale: Mcr 6 Feb

Support John McDermott

Reclaim the Union: UNISON-sponsored MP John McDonnell backs call to investigate London UNISON officials

Support Caroline Bedale
Letters of outrage and support for Caroline Bedale
Support Caroline - People should try to speak freely

Mass redundancies at Manchester Metropolitan University

Defend the Four - Glenn Kelly hearing 29 Oct
Defend the Four - Employment Tribunal revelations
Witchunt finds 4 socialists guilty - of what?

Letter to Dave Prentis: BNP activity and UNISON Northern Region

Lobby Liverpool City Council to defend in-house Home Care Service

ENEHL: further strikes start 7 Oct
Leeds: victimisation of trade union official by ENEHL
Leeds: ENEHL rally 27 Aug

Local government strikes 16-17 July, Scottish ballot opens (UNISON)

Victimisation for trade union activities
Stop the victimisation of John McDermott
East North East Housing Leeds strike 9 July
East North East Housing Leeds dispute

Witchunt: Statement by John McDonnell MP
Is there a Witchunt in UNISON? London 23 July

Defend Yunus Bakhsh
Yunus Bakhsh: Certification Officer finds UNISON broke own rules (PDF)

Tony Staunton: Certification Officer finds UNISON broke own rules (PDF)
Flashback: Statement by Tony Staunton (Nov 2006)

Defend the union’s democratic structures

for NHS pay see NHS

for Karen Reissman see NHS

for Palestine see Israel and Palestine

Public Sector strikes

Higher Education: Unison
Higher Education: UCU
Higher Education: Unite
Unity in Action statement



Joint statement CWU - Royal Mail

Dockers and Portworkers

ILWU: It's time to stand up! Ask questions and demand answers!

ILWU Contract Dispute Over?
Comment on Anthony Leviege interview

Jack Heyman: An Open Letter to Paul Bigman and Labor Notes
Paul Bigman, Mike Pellegrini: Responses to Open Letter

The ILWU leadership has accepted a deal that will further cripple their union

Liverpool dockers ponder industrial action ballot (Lloyd's List)

Longshore union faces the grain monopolies: Will labor solidarity prevail?

The ILWU Longshore Struggle in Longview and Beyond (Counterpunch)

Alexander Cockburn, friend of the ILWU longshoremen

Aussie Longshoreman interview

Labor Forum: Longview And the Struggle Ahead, San Francisco 29 July
ILWU members and retirees: EGT-Longview Longshore Contract - Worst Ever!

Gothenburg solidarity strike with Tilbury
Gothenburg dockers prepare strike solidarity with Tilbury
The Tilbury Dispute (IDC)

Occupy the Bridge: Golden Gate Ferry workers strike May Day
Solidarity message from Coordinadora, Spain
Solidarity from CGT Marseille, France

Docks Update

Please use Search form with keywords "ports" or "docks" or "dockers" or "dockworkers" for more coverage.

Civil Service

Latest action against cuts to
jobs, terms and conditions and service

PCS walkout at Bury County & Magistrates Court

PCS court staff and lawyers on strike demo at M'cr courts
Legal Aid: These are not just cuts!
Defend access to justice for all

Liverpool court staff strike over pay and workload (Liverpool Echo)

PCS Action updates

Industrial action for sacked Home Office worker
update 8 March

DVLA staff to strike

Position of minister 'untenable' after border jobs scandal
Transport workers continue strikes against cuts

Cuts threat to community cohesion sparks strike at Equality & Human Rights Commission

Thousands of jobcentre staff start strike vote

Home Office management misled staff before announcing job cuts

New MPs inquiry into coastguard cuts

Keep the Forests in public ownership

PCS: Excellent support on first day of call centre strike

Redundancy pay: 90% vote to reject cuts in Consultative Ballot

Court closures will deny huge areas access to local justice

Parliamentary Human Rights committee sides with PCS against government cuts

PCS responds to Francis Maude on redundancy pay
Minister reneges on promise to protect lowest paid civil servants facing redundancy
Work experience offered at Home Office as 7, 000 job cuts loom

Defence cuts made on ‘predetermined timetable’

Office closures will make British passport less secure

Non-departmental public bodies provide vital services

Treasury scuppering talks over civil service redundancy pay

IT workers take industrial action after Â’insultingÂ’ pay offer

Capita workers fight poverty pay

MPs urged to throw out attempt to cut civil service redundancy pay

Mass job losses loom as justice cuts revealed

UnionÂ’s evidence busts myth pensions are unreformed and unaffordable

Welfare reforms doomed to fail under cuts agenda

for previous reports type PCS in Search form
for coverage of the Reamsbottom affair type NATO or TUCETU in Search form

Wyatt McMinn

Labor Activist Wyatt McMinn faces jail
for protesting “Right to Work” union-busting

Wyatt McMinn: background to a frame-up


Turkish unions call strike over protest violence (Al Arabiya)

Eyewitness to a public uprising

People's Assembly

The People's Assembly Against Austerity


Firefighters put seven-point pensions plan to ministers and seek new talks

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Hazards - Corporate Crime

Tackling Occupational Cancer should mean preventing it

New Scheme for Untraced Insurance but 50% Asbestos Victims Excluded

Workers Memorial Day 28 April 2012 Manchester
WMD Manchester poster (PDF 2.5Mb)
Workers Memorial Day 28 April London

Battersea Crane Disaster Inquest Verdict due Mon 12 Mar

Workers Memorial Day 28 April 2012

Tortured Science: Health Studies, Ethics and Nuclear Weapons in the United States

From Recession to Depression – Stress Network conf 26-27 Nov Bham

FACK Families to meet Professor Lofstedt over health & safety review

Rising numbers of people killed at work

Hazards: Right to Work campaign 10 May London

WMD: Protest at DWP on Workers Memorial Day, April 28th
WMD: Waltham Forest Workers Memorial Day, April 28th
WMD: Hazards Campaign answers Grayling

The Sixty-Five: MTUC health & safety 16 Apr Salford

Workers International Memorial Day 28 Apr (PDF)

Regulations donÂ’t kill jobs but lack of regulations kill workers!

Corporate Manslaughter

Hazards: Bin Lord Young’s biased review of health & safety
FACK: Lord Young’s Report “a mass of unsubstantiated prejudices, myths and nonsense”

Lord Young, Face the FACKs!
Lord Young, We didn’t vote to die at work

We didn’t vote to die at work: Liverpool 4 Sept

Cancer in microelectronics industry - HSE claims refuted

Asbestos in schools: Unison Waltham Forest slams council

Buncefield directors slip through net

Worker death rates and HSE data

Families issue Safety Challenge to Lord Young and Prime Minister
No evidence for deregulating health & safety

Asbestos protest at Canada House, London 1 July

WMD commemoration for workers killed on London Olympics site
Workers Memorial Day 28 April 2010 - London demos

Hazards: Vote to save your life at work
FACK: Tell us youÂ’ll stand up for workers safety before we vote for you

When will Biffa and other serial killing directors be held to account?
When will Corus and other serial killing directors be held to account?

Hazards comments on election manifestos

Fack condemns Health and Safety Report

Anger at soft sentencing guidelines for employers who kill

Government recognises WMD - Hazards Campaign comment

Bhopal - Corporate Crime Day 3 Dec

FACK condemns David CameronÂ’s attack on health and safety

25th anniversary of Bhopal disaster: Wed 2 Dec
Bhopal arrest warrant: commentary
The Bhopal disaster and its aftermath: a review (Environmental Health)

Shoes, Glues, and Homework

Hazards website

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Israel – Palestine

Fearing Jewish attacks, 100 Arab bus drivers in Jerusalem quit their jobs (Ha'aretz)

Victory against Veolia: St Louis campaigners win!

On the ground in occupied Palestine

Letters of support for Wits students charged over Israel protest

BBC: Stop G4S bidding now!

G4S and BBC security contract

Veolia remains key BDS target

Palestinian Farmers Union: Sanctions against Israeli settlements

Palestinian workers in the Mishor Edomim Zone

Israel continues to bomb Gaza, 22 killed
3 Palestinian journalists killed by Israeli strike on press car
Two Palestinians killed in West Bank protests on Gaza
Israeli Mayor: Expel Nazareth Palestinians for opposing war

Urgent Gaza Action: Stop Arming Israel
G4S offices occupied over role in siege on Gaza
SOAS occupation for Gaza
Batsheva disrupted inside, festival for Gaza outside
UN Special Rapporteur Richard Falk urges North London Waste Authority to avoid Veolia
GAZA - Actions you can take right now

Trade UnionistsÂ’ declaration on Palestine and the Arab Revolutions

PCHR: Ongoing Israeli Offensive on Gaza 18 Nov

In Gaza, 3 days and nights without sleep
Demonstrations across the West Bank protesting the assault on Gaza

Batsheva: Anger at Gaza slaughter targets Sadler’s Wells
Call Mr Robeson - “The Artist must take sides”

200 at Liverpool demo outside BBC

Gaza journalists defiant after Israeli attack on media center (Electronic Intifada)
BBC platform for former Zionist Federation official (New Left Project)
BBC: Tell the truth on Gaza!

Gaza Emergency demo Israeli Embassy London 17 Nov
Stop a New Israeli Massacre in Gaza: Boycott Israel Now! (BNC)
Veolia ends Wildlife Exhibition sponsorship

Emergency demo 15 Nov: Israeli Embassy, London
Emergency demo 17 Nov: March to Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

Nous accusons: media coverage fails context of Gaza attack (Noam Chomsky + 8)

Gaza attack: statements 14 Nov
Gaza under attack: PCHR report and photos 11 Nov
Gaza attack: video report 11 Nov

South Africans to protest toy store supporting JNF

Swedish ship to Gaza: Israeli activists detained
Estelle crew were beaten during the attack and by interrogators
For some Israelis, Gazans receive 2,279 calories too many (Ha'aretz)

Gaza: Barcelona dockers support the Freedom Flotilla

Rachel Corrie verdict: without BDS, Israel will never comply with international law
VIDEO: Activists in Gaza say — Remember Rachel Corrie by supporting BDS

The Account of Moty Cristal

South African firm complicit in Israeli occupation: Karsten Farms, Kalahari Dates

Palestinian youth assert right to protest over repression (Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign)
PA repression stokes the fires of Palestinian discontent (Jamal Juma'a)
Palestinian Authority police brutality against anti-Mofaz protests (Stop the Wall)
PCHR Strongly Condemns the Use of Force against Peaceful Demonstrations in Ramallah (PCHR)

Unison, FBU and the Histadrut: Five steps forward, one step back

Solidarity message to European unions from Palestinian trade unions

Outrage as Israel refuses to hospitalise two hunger strikers
Palestinian footballer remains on hunger strike, gravely ill

Protesters thwart draconian security at Globe Theatre
The Globe Brings the West Bank to London

Picketing Israel's Fascist Foreign Minister in Hendon
Protests at charity invitation to Israeli Foreign Minister

COSATU backs DTI on relabeling of Palestinian products
In South Africa, gathering storm over West Bank products

Progress for Prisoners’ Movement: Palestinian Prisoners’ Mass Hunger Strike Concludes After Agreement is Reached
Palestinian prisoners score heroic victory
Lawyer: Administrative detainees agree to hunger strike deal
Palestinian prisoners agree to end mass hunger strike
Palestinian prisoners: their fate is in our hands
New EDM: Administrative Detention in Palestine

Hunger strikers surpass 70 days, Court rejects petition

Ramallah: Stop the Wall office raided by Israeli military

Veolia: Excluding Complicity with Israeli War Crimes 9 May London

BDS movement applauds Co-op decision to exclude complicit companies

Update on the Palestinian PrisonersÂ’ Hunger Strike 25 Apr
Palestinian prisoners mass hunger strike
Palestinian call for action against Israeli prison contractor G4S

Independent Federation of Palestinian Unions
Bil’n International Conference for Popular Resistance
Jenin Twinning Conference

Tribute to Vittorio Arrigoni 19 Apr Manchester

STUC on release of Scottish citizens detained by Israel - Shame on you - Israel tells you what to do
British women join Palestinian prisoners hunger strike

Veolia: Birmingham protest on Land Day

Officials say deal reached to free Hana Shalabi
Why the silence? Hana Shalabi on day 40 of hunger strike as Israel rejects appeal (Electronic Intifada)
Hana al-ShalabiÂ’s hunger strike: Listen to Ali Abunimah interview on Flashpoints
Prisoners society: Shalabi in serious condition
Hana Shalabi: Liverpool protest at BBC Thurs 29 Mar

Israeli interrogated en route back to Israel for her activism in Palestinian cause

ANC leader Ahmed Kathrada condemns Israeli apartheid
Apartheid is a crime, not an analogy (Ma’an News Agency)

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Israel and Palestine more coverage

We won’t pay
for their crisis

PCS: Support the European day of action
EPSU: European day of action and solidarity – public service unions engage
ETUC 14 November: European Day of Action and Solidarity

Coalition of Resistance: Historic European strike day
Communications blockade Francis Maude offices
Liverpool solidarity demo 14 Nov

Photoreport: London 20 October
Music on the TUC March (YouTube)
We marched together - now Strike Together! (NSSN)

Low paid Capita workers to strike in Liverpool

Traffic Wardens dispute hits Parliament (after a fashion)

TUC vote for coordinated industrial action, possible general strike

Pants still on fire? (Jon Rogers)
LGPS 'deal' - the pluses and minuses (Camden Unison)
Local Gov’t Pension Scheme:
a report from Unison Service Group Exec

LGPS Unison: Where have all the examples gone (Jon Rogers)

Camden UNISON strike report
NSL: Camden UNISON members on brink of historic action over low pay
Camden Unison set for historic low pay strike 11-12 July
Camden Unison Traffic Wardens 97.7% vote for pay fight

DWP announces closure of major site in North West

Unite warns of further London bus strikes

NSSN conference 9 June London

Camden Unison: Pay modernisation? No thanks!

Addenbrookes cleaners protest Medirest pay cuts (Unison)
messages of support:

PCS strike over staffing shortages at Merseyside jobcentres (PCS)

PCS overtime ban in pensions campaign
After 10 May strike, overtime ban extended to 31 July (PCS)
PCS Conference to step up pensions campaign
10 May PCS Live Blog

Public servants strike again over “unnecessary” pension changes

May Day celebrations Salford & Manchester 7 May

Unite healthworkers to step up pensionsÂ’ fight on 10 May
PCS civil servants pensions action starts with strike 10 May

PCS: a Budget for the Rich
Budget announcement on Local Pay spells danger for North West economy

NHS Pensions: Report of Unison Health Service Exec 21 March
Pensions - real progress in Unite
PCS: Overwhelming votes to reject and fight pensions cuts
NUT London pensions strike - 28 March
UCU to take London-wide strike action in pensions row

BMA postpones pensions roadshows and ballot

UNISON Council Staff Step Up Industrial Action

Greece: from Despair to Resistance

possible public sector pension strikes late March

FBU to recommend rapid move to prepare a national strike ballot on pensions

UCU to ballot members over further strikes in pensions row
UCU: Mark Campbell letter re March 28th Strike Action

NUT: Say No to 68

PCS: Unions to consult on further pensions action
Pensions: UNITE Health Sector Nat Cttee rejects Heads of Agreement
Unions challenge shift from RPI to CPI 20 Feb High Court

Stroud Victory against Social Enterprise

UNISON: Lambeth calls for Special Conference on Pensions offer

UNISON Oxfordshire Health requests Special Conference of Health Service Group

UCU: letter from Mark Campbell

UNITE: The pensions fight is on!

Adrian O'Malley: Report from UNISON Health Exec 10 Jan 2012
Karen Reissmann: Report from UNISON Health Exec 10 Jan 2012

UNISON Pensions decisions
UNISON suspends pension strikes

PCS: Mark Serwotka calls for more action over pensions

UNITE rejects LGPS agreement - what should UNISON do?
UNITE rejects Local Government pensions offer

UNISON South-East region debates NHS Pensions

Lobby UNISON Service Group Execs Tues 10 Jan

Waltham Forest Nursery Nurses protest pay cuts

Unite: Analysis of the NHS Pensions Proposals

UNISON members petition: Why we say ‘no deal’ on pensions

Unite rejects offer, BMA consults over industrial action

Unison Oxfordshire Health rejects Heads of Agreement
UNISON Oxfordshire Health Branch to debate pensions offer

UNITE: Health Sector National Committee dump pensions offer
Unite unanimously rejects NHS pensions offer

PCS Left Unity conference for all union activists 7 Jan London

Camden Unison on LGPS offer

Unity must be maintained if we're to win (Morning Star)

PCS: We can win pensions battle

PCS strikes to stop call centre privatisations

PCS reject civil service pension offer

Camden Unison: What’s happening in the pensions dispute?

NHS Pension Scheme Heads of Agreement

UNISON: Update on NHS pension scheme
UNISON refers offer to Health Service Exec
UNITE Health Sector National Committee rejects “deal”

Pensions: PCS calls for unity

Petition: Don’t give up the pensions fight!
View the signatories here:

NSSN petition: Strike again in January! Defend our pensions!

Pensions dispute update from Camden UNISON Br Sec
Islington UNISON Br Cttee on Pensions dispute

No sell-out on pensions!

PCS: Unions call for extra money for fair pensions
PCS: Maude misleads MPs again over pensions talks progress
PCS: Millions fight pension changes
PCS: 100,000 say reverse RPI-CPI pensions switch

FBU: Pensions - Latest Position: Cost Ceilings

YouTube: Liverpool City Council leader Joe Anderson calls protestors “scum”

Sparks: the biggest unofficial strike in decades

UNISON National Exec evaluates 30 November
UNITE Executive Council statement following November 30th

National Shop Stewards Network: 30 November

30 November: Liverpool photoreport
30 November: “What we are doing is a game changer”
30 November: Leicester, Cambridge, Bristol
PCS: Unprecedented support for strike

Fighting for Pensions - Against NHS Privatisation

Palestinian unions solidarity with pension strikes
Pensions - Palestine

Liberate Oakland 19 Nov: Shut down the 1%

Oakland: Massive Occupy Raid Imminent

Occupy Oakland face imminent attack
Communique to EGT from Occupy Oakland
Occupy March Shuts Down Oakland Port
General Strike Shuts Down Port of Oakland

Unite the Resistance London 19 Nov

Pensions and Disability
UNISON hits back at pensions strike ballot attacks

NHS pensions: towards 30 Nov

UNISON 78% Yes vote (82% Yes in NHS)
Action on 30 Nov still on
PCS: Preparations continue for mass strike on pensions

TV report: Thousands March To Occupy Oakland (KCRA)
San Francisco Bay Area Indymedia
Occupy Oakland Prepares for General Strike as War Veterans Organize Day of Action at Occupy Camps (Democracy Now!)
Occupy Oakland: labor movement gears up for 2 Nov
Defend Occupy Oakland with the muscle of organized labor (PDF)

OWS report 27 Oct: Occupy Rising

Iraq Veterans Against the War: Scott Olsen video and appeal
Iraq War veteran critically injured in Oakland police clash (AP/Washington Post)

Occupy Wall Street Report: Stop Bloomberg: Defend OWS

Occupy Wall St. not Palestine!

San Francisco: Clarence Thomas, ILWU Local 10 addresses Occupy Wall Street West rally, Oct. 12, 2011. ILWU Local 21 members Jake Whiteside and Byron Jacobs with ILWU local banners and sign reading "Give Us Our Jobs Back!"

Occupy Wall St. Updates
Transport Workers Union Local 100 supports Occupy Wall St.
On charges of anti-semitism at Occupy Wall St.

NSSN Bulletin 63 - VOTE YES for action!

Senate House workers demo 3 Oct London

Middlesex University UNISON votes to strike
Middlesex University UNISON Branch Ballots for Industrial Action

SERTUC newsletter and update - TUC day of action 30 November 2011

Dave Prentis speech at Labour Party conference

Waltham Forest Council agree to cut lower paidÂ’s wages
Waltham Forest Council still threaten staff with pay cuts or dismissal

Under Attack: In Defence of the Public Sector

Striking Greek teachers’ union to attend London Conference Against Austerity
European left meet to debate response to crisis in Europe

NSSN calls on TUC to open the floodgates of mass action

NWTUC march to Tory Party Conf 2 Oct Mcr

UNISON to ballot 1.1m re pensions
PCS: Historic strike set for 30 November
UNITE to ballot 250,000 re pensions
GMB to ballot re pensions
FBU takes first step towards industrial action ballot re pensions

PCS decries MilibandÂ’s Â’slap in the faceÂ’ for public sector workers

Senate House cleaners victory after unofficial strike

Get to grips with PFI, MPs tell Treasury

Southampton: UNISON - UNITE membership agree to continue strike action

Southampton Council strike widens

Southampton UNISON and UNITE strike 13 July (UNISON)
Southampton UNISON strike updates
ITF supports action by Southampton port health inspectors

Hundreds of government IT workers in strike ballot over pay

50 Day Countdown to TUC March on Tory Party Conference

PCS: Growth figures show there needs to be an alternative

PCS: Withdraw pension plans that even Lansley opposes

Waltham Forest unions gagged by Council

Liverpool Job centre closure condemned
Liverpool museums staff in strike vote over pay freeze

An Apology

UNISON NEC report: towards the Pension strikes
UNISON Health Service Exec report

Pensions strike 30 June - Liverpool photos

Thousands on Liverpool pensions demo, teachers warn of more strikes (Liverpool Daily Post)

Pensions Protest March to pass through Liverpool
Public Sector strike - North West rallies 30 June

Mobilisations in Greece against privatisation measures

NAHT cautions against parents covering for striking teachers
Head Teachers model letter to parents

Birmingham UNISON strike 30 June after 76% Yes vote
Camden Council sectional strike 30 June
UNISON local strikes on 30 June
UNISON Local Gov’t members to organise for ‘historic victory’ (UNISON)

PCS strike against privatisation 17 June: Liverpool
Public sector North-West strikes against cuts 30 June

UNISON and UCU coordinated strike at London Met Uni - Wed 22 June

Thinking about our Future, photos: Tom Bimpson

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London Met UCU and UNISON: Amnesty Now! Save London Met!
London Met University protest Home Office 1pm Wed 5 Sept
UKBA Crisis: Joint UNISON-UCU meeting on London Met Univ

Solidarity with the staff of St. GeorgeÂ’s School, Sefton, Liverpool, 3 September

Salford University UCU strike report (Manchester TUC)

Cambridge: over five hundred student and staff protest suspension of student
University of Cambridge suspends student for 2 1/2 years for peaceful protest


Remploy Head Office occupied (GMB)

Disability support workers win sleepover wage

Disability support workers action at IHC New Zealand

Unions mark ‘International Day of Persons with Disabilities’

New Zealand: Community Support Workers to strike over wage freeze

New Labour proposal to abolish all disability benefits

Roy Webb

Welfare Reform: the ‘unthinkable’ about to happen?

Welfare Reform Bill lobby and rally 4 Dec

Learning Disabilities: organising against privatisation

Campaign Against the Welfare Reform Bill lobbies Labour Conf.

Stroll, Roll, Rally... against the Incap Cuts
National demo against cuts in Disability Benefit Sheffield 17 June

24 out of 351 English Councils have 100% Disabled Access

GMB comment on public procurement and disability

Campaign for employees with a disability

New Labour attack Disability Benefit

Disability activists claim victory
Manchester City Council bans disability action website

Rover, T&GWU and Disability Discrimination

Disability – a union issue
The Union of the Physically Impaired Against Segregation

Rail / Tube

Rail privatisation in Israel and the Histadrut

Canada: Workers consider occupation of Caterpillar locomotive plant (Guardian)
Canadian labour at the crossroads (The Bullet)

London Transport Regional Council joins Derail Veolia and Alstom Campaign

RMT strike dates in vicimisations dispute
RMT strike suspended
RMT names strike dates in vicimisations dispute
Reinstate sacked RMT Tube driver reps

RMT announces further wave of strike action on Heathrow Express

RMT demo against McNulty Report: Liverpool 28 June

Fragmenting rail infrastructure Â’a recipe for disasterÂ’

London Transport playing ‘fast and loose’ with safety as strike looms
Tube Safety Strike protest at Euston 7 Sept

London Underground Ballot Result

RMT renews call to scrap level crossings after Sudbury crash

RMT to re-ballot as Network Rail injunction halts rail strike

Tube Strike Ballot over safety, jobs, office closures

National rail strike for maintenance and signals staff

RMT vote nine to one for strike action on National Express East Anglia
RMT members vote four to one for action at Arriva Cross Country

RMT website

ASLEF website

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Fukushima: On March 11

Doro Chiba Quake Report: March 11, Fukushima Anniversary

video: From the Fighting Workers of Fukushima to Our Friends of the World

Labornet Japan - English web page

Fukushima women begin 10 day sit-in at Gov’t Ministry

Fukushima University Students Fighting to Abolish Nuke Plants!
Doro-Chiba Quake Report No. 29

Hiroshima Action on 66th Anniversary of A-bomb

Fukushima Mothers and Farmers in Unity

Japan: Education Ministry Forces Radiation Exposure on Children!

Stand with Japanese workers: Oakland 23 Apr

Labornet Japan: news in English
Labornet Japan: full site (Japanese)

Doro-Chiba: Tsunami and Nuke Plant Blasts is no natural disaster

Doro-Chiba appeal 25 March
PeopleÂ’s Earthquake Relief Center established
Doro-Chiba (rail union): Let’s fight to live!

Please send messages and contacts to support those in the massive earthquake / tsunami in Sendai, Japan

Last defence at Fukushima: 50 Japanese workers (NY Times)


The Brutal Raid on Workers' Meeting (IASWI)

False Flag: Israel's operation against Iran (Foreign Policy)

Iran trade unionists threatened with deportation from Turkey

IASWI newsletter 7 Dec: Committee in Defense of Reza Shahabi

Stop Stoning and Sharia Laws!

Saeed Torabian, board member of the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburb Vahed Bus Company arrested

May Day Iran

Iran more coverage


Liverpool Museum screening: Videos from the 1980s

Lipstick Socialist: new blog on trade unions

Alan Thornett: Militant Years 28 Sep Liverpool

Striking a Light: The Matchwomen 11 Oct London

10th Working Class Bookfair 5 Nov Newcastle

Gerard Winstanley descendant to open Wigan Diggers’ Festival Sat 10 Sept

Jayaben Desai - Grunwick strike leader - commemoration, Brent TUC Sun 17 Apr

Socialism in the 21st Century and the Russian Revolution

Speke 1985 - Back to the Future?: Liverpool 24 Mar

The Russian Revolution in Retreat: Liverpool 10 April

The William Morris Hall Centenary - Sun 13 Dec

Percy Fisher - long lost son of County Durham
Working Class Bookfair - Durham 21 Nov

Streamed Video: 1934 General Strike San Francisco commemorations
Lessons of the 1934 General Strike: San Francisco 3 July

The Russian Revolution in Retreat 1920-24 - now in paperback

Miners strike: Train crews did refuse to move coal

Miners' Strike 25th Anniversary Concert 15 Mar

25th anniversary of Miners Strike, 3rd Working Class Bookfair 14 Mar

Margaret Thatcher dies on stage

The Russian Revolution in Retreat, 1920-24
Soviet Workers and the New Communist Elite

Blue Plaque for The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist author, Liverpool 3 Feb

The Flying Pickets: 1972 buildersÂ’ strike and Shrewsbury trials

Robert Tressell Commemoration Liverpool 3 Feb

Ruth Frow celebration 5 Apr Salford
Ruth Frow - Trade Union hero dies

Pentonville Dockers commemmoration 28 July London

Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Lecture 17 Aug Sheffield
Sylvia Pankhurst Festival

International Women’s Day: Manchester event 10 March

Manchester TUC 140th anniversary celebration 13 Dec

Grunwick commemoration London 17 Sept.
Grunwick 30th Anniversary: Brent TUC event

Spanish Civil War Exhibition - Manchester International Brigaders

Dave Chapple: Henry Suss and the Jewish working-class of Manchester and Salford

Anti-fascist martyr Szmul Zygielbojm and the Warsaw Ghetto Rising

Staying Red: Why I remain a socialist – Norman Harding

LaborFest 2004 - 70th Anniversary of San Francisco General Strike

Al Richardson is dead

ESF Seminar: Where does anti-capitalism come from?

Suffragette Centenary

Strikes during Wartime

LaborFest 2012

LaborFest 2012 Calendar
San FranciscoÂ’s LaborFest Looks to Occupy The Past, Present and Future


HazCam warning on PM riot claim

An Open Letter to David Cameron’s Parents
Looters apologise to communities

FBU: Attacks on fire crews must stop before people die
Fire crews sickened by MPs silence over fire service cuts
PCS: these disturbances did not happen in a vacuum
UNITE: Calm and reconnection needed to stop community unrest

Tower Hamlets: Stop a riot
Birmingham riots: intense anger after deaths of three young men (Guardian)

If the rioting was a surprise, people werenÂ’t looking (Guardian)
Late riots?
National Shop Stewards Movement statement on riots

Fight Racism
Defend Migrants

London Met UCU and UNISON: Amnesty Now! Save London Met!
London Met University protest Home Office 1pm Wed 5 Sept

New Zealand: Foreign journalists banned from asylum processing centre

Troy Davis is executed. The struggle continues.

Don’t Execute Troy Davis

Dale Farm Residents plea for solution through negotiations
Dale Farm Travellers ask Basildon Council: Where will we go?
Dale Farm Travellers

Sept. 11 NYC: Emergency Mobilization against Racism, War and Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Bradford 12: lessons for organising (IRR)

Palestinian civil society expresses solidarity with people of Norway
Anders Breivik and the EDL (New Yorker)
Craig Murray: Is Anders Breivik in this photograph?
Oslo-based Palestinian human rights group condemns attacks
Ali Abunimah: Norway suspect laid out detailed plans for violence against "traitors," Muslims (Electronic Intifada)
Norway: The omnipotence of Al Qaeda and meaninglessness of “Terrorism”

Women Asylum Seekers Together (WAST) March to UKBA Liverpool 29 July

Sheikh Raed Salah Arrested - Urgent Action Alert

Jayaben Desai - Grunwick strike leader - commemoration, Brent TUC Sun 17 Apr

Save the Migrant Advice and Advocacy Service

South Manchester Law Centre & Gtr Mcr Immigration Aid Unit protest Legal Services Commission 15 Nov Mcr

Video & Reports: ILWU shut Bay Area ports: Justice for Oscar Grant!

Justice for Oscar Grant: ILWU rally 23 Oct Oakland CA
Bay Area ports shutdown: Justice for Oscar Grant! Jail for Killer Cops!

Driven to Desperate Measures: Asylum and Migrant deaths

Save South Manchester Law Centre

San Francisco Labor Council backs ILWU Justice for Oscar Grant rally

Private sector control of UK Detention centres

ILWU Local 10 longshoremen demand justice for Oscar Grant, murdered by police

NCADC Annual General Meeting and Conference Saturday 4 September

see also Debate: Open Borders
Yarl’s Wood

PCS celebrates BNP wipeout in Barking and Dagenham
BNP collapse in Liverpool local election

For more LabourNet anti-racist coverage click here


Emergency union talks after workers occupy Bootle factory

UNITE vs Union Busting: Thanet Earth week of action 27 June - 2 July

Beanz production toast as workers announce further strikes at hypocrite Heinz (Unite)

Leigh Bus Station rally to defend Seniors’ Bus Pass

Candidates for Gen Sec post to speak at Leigh Hustings

Unite’s reaction to cabin crew rejection of BA revised offer

Cabin crew announce further BA strike dates

BA strike updates 29 March

BA Cabin crew strike: Day 3 update
BA Cabin crew strike: Day 2 update

Show solidarity with BA cabin crew

BA: United we Stand (Unite)

Transport secretary must investigate standards on strike-busting BA planes

Unite on BA strike
Unite: Don't blame Cabin Crews
Teamsters support for Unite as BA strike looms

High Court denies BA cabin crew right to strike - but Unite determined to reballot

Kraft confirms closure of Cadbury plant

Jerry Hicks election leaflet

Sheffield TUC letter to Superdrug
Superdrug strike, West Yorks

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Demonstrate against Uribe - London Thurs 31 Oct

Colombia: Death-squad “target” sticking to the union

Human Rights in Colombia (Justice for Colombia)

Stop Killer Coke: Coca-Cola AGM 25 April Atlanta GA

Join London protests against Uribe: 21 and 23 May

Colombia: 52 trade unionists murdered last year

Colombia Urgent Action: Death threats to Human Rights and Indigenous Leaders

Urgent Action: Death threats to Colombian Human Rights Defenders

Colombian Oil Workers Strike in Casanare

Colombian Oilworkers occupy BP processing plant, despite threats
Picket BP London HQ 2 June

Urgent Action: Police repression of BP Oilworkers picket - picket BP London 26 Feb

Urgent Action: Death threats to foodworkers union as Coca-Cola stalls collective agreement

Urgent Action: Grave concerns for lawyer Jorge Eliecer Molano and his family

La Rose Nestlé union leader shot dead at home

See also Coca Cola

Colombia more coverage

Burger King

Burger King workers and their union sue Burger King New Zealand (Unite Union Aotearoa)


Colombia: Death-squad “target” sticking to the union

Coca-Cola: Cesspool of Racial Discrimination

Coke: Guatemalan unionists file suit over murder, rape, torture


GMB Endorses Workfare as the only route out of Unemployment
GMB Gen Sec Paul Kenny openly supports further privatisation of public services

‘Benefit Thieves’ and Honorable New Labour MPs

Poll findings prompt calls for Welfare Reform rethink

PCS responds to Queen’s Speech on Welfare reform

No to Workfare! (Chartist)

Workfare in the UK

Union anger over welfare reform plans

PCS debate on future of welfare at Labour Conference

Response to Green Paper on Welfare Reform

Welfare Reform: the ‘unthinkable’ about to happen?

Welfare Reform Bill lobby and rally 4 Dec


Osama Bin Laden is Dead

Israeli attacks on Gaza continue
Israel kills 8 in Gaza (Ma'an News Agency)

Stop the War on Libya

Comment: No fly zone – what’s it all about?

Much more anti-war - click here


Egyptian workers strike and march against regime (Real News Network)

Textile workers to go on strike in EgyptÂ’s largest factory

Egyptian independent trade unionists declaration

Call to Egypt: Open the Rafah Crossing!

Strike wave across Egypt
The Day for Egyptian Workers

Democracy Now!: Millions against Mubarak
US, UK firms help regime cut communications

Army Â’not to use forceÂ’ in Egypt (Al Jazeera)
Protesters call strike, ‘million man march’ (AFP)
Palestinian police ban Egypt solidarity rally in Ramallah (Ma'an News)
EgyptÂ’s uprising and its implications for Palestine (Electronic Intifada)

The Torture career of Egypt's new vice-president (ICH)

As Arabs rise up, US activists must persevere

Egypt: 4 news reports 30.1.11
Egyptian Trade Union reports

Egypt: Stop the War Public Meeting London 2 Feb

previous reports

Linen, Flax, Oil strikers take protest to Egyptian Cabinet

Egyptian workers impose a new agenda (Challenge)

Egyptian textile workers strike

55,000 in real-estate tax collectors strike

more Egypt articles



One Million Climate Jobs

Climate Change: Brent TUC 10 Feb


Developing a blueprint for collective bargaining in China (China Labour Bulletin)

China: Call to restrict employment agency labour (China Labour Bulletin)

A prescription for workplace democracy in China (China Labour Bulletin)

China issues new regulations on labour dispute resolution

Foxconn Workers in Central China

China Labour Bulletin

The strike that ignited China’s summer of worker protest (China Labour Bulletin)

Solidarity with Gold Peak battery workers strike (LabourNet Germany)

Hong Kong

Thyssen Elevator Workers strike in Hong Kong


See also: Car Wars

Making the Grade: Fords Sewing Machinists strike 1984

Auto: The State of the Union (video)

Asbestos: behind the GM cancer cluster
Cancer cluster at GM Ontario plant

French Ford workers speaking tour

Contract Concessions and the Crisis in Auto

Victory as Linamar convenor Rob Williams reinstated

Linamar: Reinstate sacked convenor Rob Williams

Reel News - Visteon Occupation

London 13 May: Occupy! The Factory Occupation Movement in Venezuela & Britain

Rally at Enfield to Support Visteon Occupation!
Thursday 9th April at 11am sharp!
more details (Socialist Appeal)

Visteon plants occupied!

What if Obama treated Wall St like Detroit?

Autoworkers wages and Ruling Class lies

Car Industry in Crisis: NSSN 14 Feb 09 B’ham

The Auto Crisis: Management, Labor and the Struggle for the Future

Toyota abuses workers at home and abroad (On the Line news)

Magna: Ending the Framework for Concessions

Dacia-Renault strike: translation (LabourNet Germany)

Contract concessions, auto jobs and the CAWÂ’s right turn

CAW debate: Bob White vs. Sam Gindin

Crisis? What Crisis?
The CAW and Panic Bargaining
Has Canadian labour given up the fight?

Ford: Another Oakville Worker Speaks Out
Ford: Oakville Worker Speaks Out
Ford: Oakville workers reject deal

Firebrands: Liverpool 20 Mar

for more please use Search form with keywords "auto" or "CAW" or "UAW"
See also: Car Wars

FBI raids

Trade unionists speak out against FBI attacks (In These Times)

US protests spread after FBI raids anti-war activists
Sign the statement: Labor activists condemn FBI repression


CWU website (includes Royal Mail)

Royal Mail to close two London centres

Keep the Post Public

Royal Mail deal is junk (Roy Mayall, Guardian Comment is free)

CWU - Royal Mail Interim Agreement

Solidarity grows across London
CWU reports and Manchester picket lines for strikes 29 - 31 Oct
CWU solidarity group contacts

CWU poster
CWU background to the dispute

CWU response to offer to sign *agreement*
Picket lines Thurs 22 Oct
CWU Offers ACAS as Strikes Confirmed

How Royal Mail fiddle the figures (Roy Mayall, LRB)

Postal strike in Japan

Growing Parliamentary Support for Post Resolution
Postal Dispute: House of Commons, Early Day Motion 2035

Royal Mail secret strategy document

Royal Mail to hire 30,000 temps (BBC)

Strikes Escalate Under Royal Mail Chaos Management

Royal Mail: Day of Action 17 July

CWU position on Postal Services Bill

Keep the Post Office Public

CWU hails Parliamentary fight against part-privatisation of Royal Mail

for previous reports type CWU in Search form


Haiti One Year On speaking tour

The Poor Always Pay: Electoral Crisis in Haiti
Haiti Support Group

Appeal from Batay Ouvriye
Batay Ouvriye statement 7 Feb
Liverpool TUC solidarity with Haitian labour movement
Liverpool TUC Haiti solidarity event 4 Feb

National Shop Stewards Network

NSSN 26 June 2010 Conference agenda

NSSN 27 June 2009 Conference agenda
NSSN National Conference London 27 June 2009

NSSN: USDAW election, Visteon redundancies

North East Shop Stewards Network: Durham 2 August

Ragged Trousered Geordies - Newcastle 3 June

National Shop Stewards Network: 19 April timetable / publicity

National Shop Stewards Network: Newcastle 8 May

National Shop Stewards Network: Newcastle 29 Mar

National Shop Stewards Network: publicity for 19 Apr
National Shop Stewards Network: regional conference Sat 19 Apr M’cr


Phone London union-busters HQ in solidarity with migrant cleaners dispute in Sweden

Rio Tinto Lockout

Locked out ILWU Miners vote to approve deal with Rio Tinto (AP)
Letter to Boron Miners Solidarity Committee
Debating the Boron Tentative Pact

The containers loaded by scabs for Rio Tinto at the Boron lockout are now public knowledge and ILWU members are demanding action. While the Longshore Caucus was discussing support for locked out Local 30, scab containers were being loaded in LA! This must stop!. Find the containers here:
Longshoremen - Stop Loading Scab Boron Cargo!
For Solidarity Actions to Defend ILWU Miners!

Boron: Local 30 Locked OUT - publish container numbers

Japanese rail union solidarity with Boron miners
May Day appeal for solidarity
Defend Boron miners with solidarity actions!

Video: ILWU 30 Locked Out Rio Tinto Miners Speak In San Fran
Video: Rio Tinto AGM protest
Video: Boron miner inside Rio Tinto AGM
Video: Boron protest in Melbourne, Australia

Rio Tinto Lockout at California Borates Mine - photostory (ILWU Local 30, ICEM)
Union caravan to locked-out ILWU Boron miners (Alternet)

Civil Liberties

Justice for North-West 10
Janas Khan appeal hearing Mcr 14 Aug

Justice for North-West 10 - Update 26 July

Cuban 5 - Miami 5


PCS reaches agreement with Fujitsu

Fujitsu UNITE strike days January - February

UNITE: Fujitsu strike suspended (November)
UNITE, PCS Fujitsu strike 12, 13, 16 Nov
PCS Fujitsu staff vote for strike action

UNITE: Fujitsu campaign update, 14 October 2009
PCS: Fujitsu in strike ballot over jobs, pay and pensions
Fury as Fujitsu seek to cut 10% of UK and Ireland workforce

Fujitsu UNITE and PCS prepare for battle on pay claim

for previous coverage use keyword "Fujitsu" in search form

Vestas wind turbine plant

Unionised wind turbine factory rises from Vestas ashes

Hampshire Police operation removes blades
Massive police operation removes blades - but not all

Arrests of Vestas protestors occupying cranes and boats
Vestas national day of action Thurs 17 Sept - Warrington demo

Newport blockade stops Vestas moving blades 4 Sept
Vestas - barges moving in 4 Sept
High Tide as Vestas prepare to barge in for blades
Pickets are vital to stop Vestas moving blades

Vestas Day of Action 17 Sept - Manchester planning meeting 7 Sep
Vestas Warrington Rugby demo reports
Vestas demo 7pm Fri 21 Aug: Warrington Rugby Club
Vestas HQ 7:30 am Tues 18 Aug: half yearly profits announcement
Vestas Warrington protest report
Vestas North-West solidarity action
Vestas eviction scheduled 12 noon Friday 7 Aug
Vestas eviction warrant - workers call for national protests
Vestas Solidarity Action - Manchester

Vestas workers besieged: Vestas occupation website

Daring action delivers food to occupation

Save Vestas Rally: 6.30 pm Tues 28th July London

Vestas: Campaign Against Climate Change
Vestas: message from Jerry Hicks
Vestas workers begin occupation (SP)

Honduras coup

ITF calls for action against Honduras shipping

Honduras: a climate of repression and terror

The Mass Resistance in Honduras: Its Own Voice


Alternatives to Corporate Media Ownership: London 21 May

Morning Star journalists victory proves union power
Morning Star journalists set to strike
Morning Star journalists ballot for strike

The BBC and Gaza

Save Our Star: Sheffield journalists campaign

Press Freedom, TU rights, civil liberties in Pakistan - M’cr 16 Feb

NHS Whistleblower is Standing up for Journalism - Manchester 5 Nov
Stand up for journalism - Manchester 5 Nov

Strike against compulsory redundancies at Scottish newspapers

NUJ condemns kidnapping of Alan Johnston

Journalism Matters

NUJ, IWW dispute with MSP’s Tommy Sheridan, Rosemary Byrne

NUJ Demonstration of Support for Aamir Ashraf

Journalists to strike at South Yorkshire Newspapers

Reinstate Rhetta Moran Now!

Chicago: Republic sit-in solidarity page


Update on the Greek Uprising (ZNet)

Combative General Strike - counterattack of the establishment (KOE)

Road Haulage

US East Coast: Funds Needed to Support Fired IWW Drivers

Justice for Janitors

Toronto: Justice for Janitors

Culture of Capital

PFI and Democracy in Liverpool

Liverpool TUC: the right to campaign in Liverpool

Free speech in Liverpool challenges Police obstruction
Stalling tactics win a victory for freedom of expression (Indymedia)

Sex Work

Police raids in Soho endanger sex workers’ safety

Sheffield Steel

Sheffield steelworkers face sack

Convention of the Left

Convention of the Left Anti Cuts Initiative

Convention of the Left Manchester 20 - 24 Sep


War in South Africa if Mugabe remains

Death Spiral in Zimbabwe: Mediation, Violence and the GNU

Flashback 1980: What future for Zimbabwe now?


Death penalty dropped against Mumia (AP)

ILWU Rally Calls for Struggle Against Racism and Repression

Federal Court denies Mumia a new trial... Massive response in progress (

Court refuses new trial: Emergency protest US Embassy London 28 Mar

Emergency Rally to DEFEND Mumia ABU-JAMAL! - Seattle 28 Mar

NBC Today Show covers Mumia case

May 17th: the last appeal?
Arnold Beverly video confession to murder (
US democracy on trial: Cape Town anti-war coalition
London protest at US Embassy 17 May
Reminder: London demo US Embassy 17 May
Court will hear extended arguments

Public Sector Pay

2008 could be a big year

PCS call to public sector unions on pay

Oxford TUC letter to Brendan Barber

Speak up for Public Services
Coastguards willing to strike over pay
Local government unions accept below inflation offer (Gagged)

Cuban tour

Cuban revolutionaries speaking tour

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