Israel and Palestine

Palestine Solidarity demo, London 18 May
Pertier Media

Anti-War page

Nabi Saleh: Israeli Soldiers Shoot 15 year old in the face with rubber bullet

Carleton grad students vote for pension fund divestment

Hunger striker Hana al-Shalabi denied admission to hospital despite grave condition

Granting No Quarter: A Call for the Disavowal of the Racism and Antisemitism of Gilad Atzmon
Anti-Imperialism and the Anti-Humanist Rhetoric of Gilad Atzmon

Barclays Bank in Brighton occupied for complicity in Israeli apartheid

Eyewitness report: Stop the Jewish National Fund

Rail privatisation in Israel and the Histadrut

photos: Gaza massacre March 2012

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza continue: 20 Palestinian deaths (12 Mar)
Urgent Appeal for Solidarity from Gaza
Gaza siege: textile workers laid off by power cuts
18 Palestinian deaths in fresh Gaza massacres (11 Mar)
Haniyeh: Factions respond positively to Egypt truce efforts

Gaza under attack 9 March

International Women’s Day greetings from Gaza

Commemorating Palestinian Land Day: Join BDS Global Day of Action, 30 March 2012!

Targeting Israeli Apartheid: Univ of Liverpool 20 Feb

Veolia: Liverpool leaflet

Nanoretox: UK Universities complicit in Israeli Occupation

Report from 3rd National BDS Conference, Hebron

JNF denies it works to dispossess Palestinians, smears critics
Israeli Tree Campaign "Judaizes" Expropriated Land

Open Letter from Gaza: Three Years after the Massacre, Justice or Nothing!

Gaza: Israeli navy attacks monitoring boat, injures captain

Israel: Students raising slogans “against racism, house demolitions” in violation of Education Ministry regulations

World must stop Israeli targeted shooting of activists!

West Bank protestor dies of his wounds

Israeli warplanes fire on Gaza (Ma'an News)

London Transport Regional Council joins Derail Veolia and Alstom Campaign

NUS Exec demands immediate end to KCL research with Ahava

Statement against Histadrut by the Turkish Organising Committee of the LabourStart International Solidarity Conference

Veolia still operating in West Bank and Jordan Valley

Freedom Riders: “I felt like I was witnessing history”
Palestinian Freedom Riders to challenge Israeli Apartheid
Palestinian Freedom Riders to Challenge Segregation By Riding Settler Buses to Jerusalem

Flotilla prisoners in Israel
Gaza: Palestinian youth march to demand international protection for Flotilla
Call to Action for Freedom Waves to Gaza

Call for Trade Union Solidarity Against Israel’s Apartheid Wall

Israeli forces shell northern Gaza (Ma'an News)

Newsletter from Palestine 31.10.11

UN Application of the State of Palestine - Disappearing the PLO
Palestine: Heads or Tails at the UN, Israel Wins
UN statehood bid: Urgent call for transparency and participation
UN statehood bid ‘threatens Palestinian rights’
The Enterprise of Declaring a State

Trial of West Bank Protest Organizer, Bassem Tamimi, to resume Wed 21 Sep

How civil society pushed Turkey to ditch Israel’s war industry

Time for people power to open Rafah crossing
Oakland Museum stands by decision to censor Palestinian children’s exhibit

After a strike of three months, the Salit Quarry enters a new stage

TUC reaffirms BDS, calls for review of relations with Histradrut

BDS victory: Palestinian civil society welcomes Agrexco liquidation

Israel’s role in planned US lawsuit to fight BDS (Electronic Intifada)

BBC Proms protest - how and why

Gaza under Israeli military attack

Thousands of Palestinians flee refugee camp near Latakia, Syria

Total Produce drops Agrexco bid

Call from Gaza: Open the Rafah Crossing Permanently and Unconditionally

Joburg airport lockdown as students disrupt Israeli delegation arrival
South African Student Leadership Endorses Nationwide Boycott of Israel

Salit Quarry strike of Palestinian workers - update #3

Veolia, major target of Palestinian BDS campaign, in financial crisis

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the Arab Awakening (MERIP)
Palestinians’ low salaries also linked to Israeli social struggle (Ha'aretz)
video: Israel mass demonstrations demand Netanyahu resign (Real News)

MK Ahmad Tibi endorses boycott, in defiance of new law

Palestinian civil society expresses solidarity with people of Norway

Israeli Soldiers Arrest Two in Raid on Jenin Freedom Theater

Agrexco: Campaigners vow to eject bankrupt Israeli exporter from Europe
Political declaration of the European Forum Against Agrexco
Israeli settlements exporter Agrexco defrauds French customs
Palestinian Civil Society call to boycott Carmel-Agrexco

West Bank: Soldiers Carry out Violent Arrests at Gunpoint in Nabi Saleh

Call from Gaza: Open the Rafah crossing

Call to Action
French boat attacked off Gaza
Israeli Navy surrounds French boat off Gaza (Ma'an News, AFP)
Dignité on last leg of Gaza voyage (Free Gaza)

Palestinian quarry workers strike enters 2nd month (WAC)
Quarry workers strike in Occupied West Bank (WAC)

Gaza rejects Greek government charity
Organizers: French boat to reach Gaza on Tuesday (Ma'an News, AFP)
Greek coastguard: French boat sails to Egypt (Ma'an News, AFP)
Flotilla: French boat Dignité leaves Greece
International Dockworkers Council urges Greece to unblock Flotilla

Palestinian boycott campaign leaders condemn new law
Irish Congress of Trades Unions reaffirms BDS, backs flotilla

COSATU endorses BDS call for arms embargo

South African media can call Israel an apartheid state

Egypt independent trade unions endorse BDS

UNISON rejects ‘critical engagement’ with the Histadrut
Trade Union Friends of Palestine pamphlet: The Histadrut

Flotilla: Swedish boat en route to Gaza, French boat intercepted by Greek coastguards
Flotilla: ‘30 captains’ on intercepted Canadian Boat to Gaza
Flotilla: Letter to Greek Ambassador demands release of boats
Flotilla: Canadian Boat to Gaza, Update and Actions

Sheikh Raed Salah Arrested - Urgent Action Alert

Fighting apartheid on land and sea (Al-Ahram weekly)

Gaza siege: why Rafah opening doesn't cut it!

Flotilla: Gaza, We are coming
Actions as Canadian Boat to Gaza prepares to sail
Canadian Boat to Gaza: Media reports

Trial resumes of West Bank organiser Bassem Tamimi

Trial of West Bank Protest Organizer, Bassem Tamimi begins Sun 4 June

Canadians to Baird: “Israel’s Gaza Blockade Is Illegal. We Will Sail to Gaza”

UCU: progress on divestment, Palestine, anti-semitism definition

Cameron quietly drops patronage of JNF

Obama’s speech to AIPAC affirms commitment to Israel and US policies that doom it (Electronic Intifada)
Obama, the Arab Spring and irrelevance
Buckingham Palace protest War President Obama 24 May

University of London Union votes for BDS
NUS Exec demands freedom for Palestine, lift siege on Gaza

West Bank: Monday strike called to mourn Nakba fallen
Video: Palestinians, Syrians entering Israeli-occupied Golan Heights
Video: Israeli soldiers firing as mass marchers enter Golan
Video: Palestinians, internationals arrested in Al-Walaja (West Bank)

Israel warning shots at aid ship to Gaza (AFP)

Israel restores Palestinian Authority salaries after US, EU pressure

Teen killed in Gaza protest marking Nakba (Ma'an News Agency)
Injured Jerusalem Teen dies of wounds (Popular Struggle Coordination Committee)
Photos: Nakba protest Qalandiya (Stop the Wall)
Clashes at Qalandiya see 40 seriously injured (Ma'an News Agency)
Demand the Release of Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh and others (Human Rights Newsletter)

Egyptians rally at Rafah for Palestinian rights

Deutsche Bahn pulls out of illegal A1 rail project
Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions: The Global Struggle for Palestinian Rights (book review, Electronic Intifada)

Gaza flotilla to sail late June

Palestinian Trade Union Coalition for BDS (PTUC-BDS) formed at historic conference
COSATU message to PTUC-BDS founding conference
Message to the Palestinian Trade Union conference on BDS: Jack Heyman

PGFTU Statement on Boycott and the Histadrut
Palestinian trade unions call on STUC to break links with Histadrut
Scottish TUC condemns Histadrut, continues boycott campaign

Ramzy Baroud: Staying human - A heroic legacy
Reem Kelani: The killings of Vittorio Arrigoni & Juliano Mer-Khamis

Video Interview with Vittorio Arrigoni (YouTube)
Letter from Egidia Beretta Arrigoni, Mother of Vittorio Arrigoni
Video Report: Gaza after the killing of Vittorio Arrigoni

“Oliva” in Gaza: launch of monitoring boat Wed 20 Apr
Gaza activists announce fishing rights monitoring boat

International Solidarity Movement committed to staying in Gaza

From Gaza, in memory of Vik
Bella Ciao: Vik I know 1975-2011
Freedom Flotilla II: The murder of Vittorio Arrigoni
Palestinian factions denounce murder of Italian activist
Vittorio Arrigoni, “hero of Palestine” (Electronic Intifada)
ISM confirms the death of Vittorio Arrigoni
Palestinians demand release of ISM activist Vittorio Arrigoni, kidnapped by Salafists

Gaza: Fuel crisis looms as crossings remain closed

An evening to honour Juliano Mer-Khamis, London 20 Apr
In memoriam Juliano Mer-Khamis

Goldstone report: Statement issued by members of UN mission on Gaza war
Where now for the Goldstone Report?
What exactly did Goldstone retract?
Richard Goldstone did not Retract the Report

A new Israeli massacre in Gaza

Palestinian detainees join hunger strike to end national division
Land Day, Palestinian speaker overcomes Connecticut protest
Canadian Boat to Gaza gains support

Israeli attacks on Gaza continue
Israel kills 8 in Gaza (Ma'an News Agency)
US Palestinian Community Network Condemns Attacks on Gaza

Israeli Soldiers Arrest Bassem Tamimi, Head of Nabi Saleh Popular Committee

Israel: social workers strike

March 15 protests: Palestinian youth mount growing mobilization

Transport union suspends strike at Gaza crossing (Ma'an News Agency)
Gaza lorry drivers picket as siege tightens (Ma'an News Agency)

Call to Egypt: Open the Rafah Crossing!

Israel bombs medical storage facility in Gaza strikes

Full findings of Russell Tribunal now online

West Bank: Contradicting the Army version of death in Bil’in

Gaza: Beit Hanoun demo honours victims of Israeli invasion

Two years after Gaza massacre, a demand for justice
Aid Agencies reveal state of Gaza blockade

Palestinian Civil Society reiterates call for a full boycott of Carmel Agrexco

Stirling Council boycotts Apartheid Israel
Edinburgh Council boycotts Veolia

Israel refuses entry to Palestinian firefighters being honored for Carmel fire assistance

UNISON backs Annual Lobby for Palestine 24 Nov
Universal Jurisdiction: MPs under pressure on war crimes

Palestinian footballers write to Michel Platini and UEFA

Two Palestinian Stories: Mona Samouni and Dr Mona El Farra

Major Dutch pension fund divests from Israeli Occupation

Dutch police raid offices of Apartheid Wall cranes company

Palestinian Open Letter to Brendan Barber

Charges dropped against French BDS activists, more trials due
Show solidarity with French BDS activists

Press the OECD to cancel its tourism conference in Jerusalem

Veolia: Cork City Council divestment, London demo 23 Oct

Twilight Zone - Straight to the heart:
Palestinian labourer murdered by Israeli Border policeman

West Bank journalist arrested by Preventative Security Service

Miliband's values on foreign policy (Guardian letter)

Moshé Machover: Why I am not an Israeli peace activist

Shameful bias at the BBC, cowardice at The Independent

Israeli Navy seize Jewish Boat to Gaza
Update: boat passengers denied access to lawyers

PSC fringe meeting at TUC 14 Sep Mcr
Palestine composite motion at TUC

BDS begins to bite (Ha'aretz)
Divestment: From the campus to the streets (Electronic Intifada)
Russell Tribunal: International Corporate Complicity

Gaza: Financial Crisis at Union of Health Work Committees Al-Awda Hospital

Free Ahmad Sa’adat

Palestinian Americans picket State Dept: Palestine is not for sale!

Norwegian government pension fund excludes more Israeli companies

Gaza electricity protest suppressed: news, comment, background

The punishment of Gaza: Gideon Levy M’cr 19 Aug

Eyewitness: Israel bombs Gaza City

Oakland boycott inspires letter from Gaza, provokes Teamster anger

On the 5th Anniversary of the Palestinian Civil Society Call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions

Blockade: Dockers respond to Israel’s Flotilla Massacre and Gaza Siege

PGFTU to Oakland ILWU dockers: Don’t meet with Israeli Consul
photo: Labor Video Project
Deputy Israeli Consul for the Pacific Northwest Gideon Lustig (left) and Dr. Roberta Seid (3rd from left) Univ. of California Irvine, on a delegation 6 July seeking to persuade the ILWU Local 10 Executive Board to change course after the historic boycott of an Israeli Zim Lines ship 20 June. The Executive Board denied entry to the San Francisco Israeli Consulate delegation. Dr Seid was allowed to speak, and the Executive Board reaffirmed the union’s position opposing the Israeli blockade of Gaza, the apartheid wall in the West Bank, the continuing bloody Zionist oppression of Palestinians and the murderous Israeli attack on the aid flotilla — which Zionist professor Seid had defended... to general amazement.

Oakland dockers stand firm as Israeli Consul seeks an audience
Israeli Government Officials Rebuffed At ILWU Local 10 In San Francisco

Dockers at Indian port boycott Israeli cargo
Indian Cochin Port Union Boycotts Israeli Ships and Cargo

Swedish Dockworkers Union blockade: what was achieved

Gaza: airstrikes as siege continues
International Committee of the Red Cross:
Gaza Closure: Not another Year!

Swedish Dockers begin week-long national blockade of trade with Israel

Swedish Dockworkers: We’re acting in solidarity with the civilian population of Gaza

Swedish Dockworkers Union:
Questions & Answers about the Blockade

Turkish Dock Workers to join Israel Boycott Action

Video: Workers stand against Israeli apartheid (Labor Video Project)

Oakland: ILWU Local 10 Executive Board Condemns Israeli attack on Aid Ships to Gaza (8 June 2010)

Israel’s blockade of Gaza (PSC)

Unison conference endorses BDS, suspends relations with Histadrut pending review

Video: Oakland mass picket stops loading Israeli Zim ship for 24 hrs

Labor for Palestine letter to West Coast Dockers, Video & Press

Oakland Picket Blocks Israeli Ship!

Amnesty International: Israel’s Blockade of Gaza must be completely lifted

photo and report:
Port of Oakland 5:30 am 20 June 2010

Victory: Oakland ILWU dockers honour mass pickets to block unloading of Israeli cargo ship for 24 hours

Protesters prevent unloading of Israeli ship (Oakland Tribune)

“Free Free Palestine
Don’t cross the picket line”

“Bring down the Apartheid Wall
An Injury to One is an Injury to All”

Dockers refuse to cross picket line for Israeli ship (YouTube)

Oakland picket line interviews (LaborTech)

Video excerpt: "If longshoremen don't cross the picket line the ship won't be worked, and it will spread to Sweden, Norway, South Africa. People understand the Israeli government need to be sent a message, it's not business as usual when they commit murder."

Oakland dockers refuse to cross picket line for Israeli Zim ship
Oakland victory in morning picket - Round 2 at 4pm
Oakland mass picket of Israeli ship: Round 2

Oakland dockers first shift has been sent home after a mass picket by the San Francisco Bay Area labour and community movement. An Israeli Zim Lines ship is heading for Oakland. Pickets intend to return at 4:00pm (local time).

Zim Lines is the main Israeli shipping line, with regular services connecting to Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia. The Zim Shenzhen (Lloyds No. 9280859, call sign VQUQ4) sailed from Haifa on 13 May, calling at Piraeus, Livorno, Genoa, Tarragona, Halifax, New York, Savannah, Kingston, Panama Canal, Los Angeles. After Oakland, it is due to sail for Shenzhen-Da Cha, Hong Kong, Ningbo, Shanghai, Pusan, before returning to Balboa, Panama Canal, and then Kingston, Savannah, New York, Halifax, Tarragona and Haifa.

Over 120 activists attended the first planning meeting of the Labor / Community Committee in Solidarity with the People of Palestine at the Centro del Pueblo in San Francisco. Co-ordinating Committee (L-R) Steve Zeltzer, Richard Becker and Eyad Kishawi. Other speakers: Dr. Jesse Ghannam and Cristina Gutierrez. Banner of the Transport Workers Solidarity Committee

PGFTU message to San Francisco Bay Area trade unionists

WFTU appeals for 3 day strike against Israeli commercial vessels

Cuban Workers Central (CTC) letter re Gaza action
Oakland Teachers letter to ILWU re Zim picket

Sacked Liverpool Dockers message to dockers worldwide re Israeli trade blockade

Palestinian Boycott National Committee applauds planned picket of Israeli Zim Lines ship

Oakland picket of Israeli Zim Lines ship 5:30 am Sun 20 June
San Francisco Labor Council backs Israeli Zim Lines picket
Liverpool Friends of Palestine letter to ILWU President McEllrath

ITF vote for Gaza Action (ITF)

Norwegian Transportworkers Union blockade 23 - 25 June

Palestinian unions call on world dockers:
Blockade trade with Israel

Flotillagate: Gush Shalom to challenge
appointment of Cover-Up Commission

International Committee of the Red Cross:
Gaza Closure: Not another Year!

Swedish Dockworkers Union change dates of Israel blockade
Swedish Dockworkers Union to boycott Israeli ships and goods 15 - 24 June
International Dockworkers Council condemns Israeli assault on flotilla
Video: ILWU 10 Member Jack Heyman Supports Swedish Port Workers Union Boycott Of Israeli Ships & Cargo

BNC: International responses to the assault on Gaza flotilla

IASWI Condemns Israel's Crimes Against the Freedom Flotilla End the Blockade and Siege of Gaza Now!

UNISON Emergency Motion: Israel’s attack on the flotilla

Labor for Palestine Condemns Gaza Freedom Flotilla Massacre, Supports Worker Action to Boycott Israel

Palestine National Committee Calls for Global Day of Action

Rachel Corrie cargo ship en route from Ireland to Gaza

Call from Gaza for global response to killings on the Freedom Flotilla
Union of Health Work Committees (Gaza): Stop Israel's Barbaric Aggression
BDS Conference: Israel cannot be allowed to act with impunity

South Africa condemns Israeli attack on aid ships to Gaza

Flotilla massacre: Liverpool demo 1 June BBC

Israel bombards northern Gaza
Israel pounds southern Gaza overnight (Ma'an News)

Flotilla - latest updates
Israeli Navy prepares to stop Freedom Flotilla (Ma'an News)
Contact MPs and Israeli Embassy if Navy intervenes
Gaza flotilla: we’re on our way!
Gaza flotilla emergency numbers

BDS 5th Anniversary 9 July 2010

Stop the Jewish National Fund (JNF)

Israel under pressure to join Non-Proliferation Treaty

Deutsche Bank pulls out of Elbit

Dublin City Council: no more Veolia contracts (Indymedia)

Palestinian university students committ to massive boycott

From the 5th Bil’in Conference on Palestinian Popular Resistance

May Day march in Tel-Aviv

Letter to Gil Scott-Heron: Thank you for decision not to perform in Tel-Aviv

Israeli Army shoots Palestinian and international peaceful protestors near Gaza “buffer zone”

Palestinian villagers block bulldozers in anti-Wall action

Press governments to vote against Israel joining OECD

STUC reaffirms Israel boycott

Liverpool Election
Don’t Vote for Labour Friends of Israel (A4 front)
Don’t Vote for Labour Friends of Israel (A4 back)
poster (A3 colour)

Army curfew as Wall construction resumes

South African government on Israeli “Infiltration Order”
IDF order will enable mass deportation from West Bank (Ha'aretz)

Israeli warplanes fire on Gaza (Ma'an News)
Israel closes all Gaza crossings (Ma'an News)

Gaza PhotoReport

Military judge criticises Police, releases Bethlehem Ten
West Bank Checkpoint Solidarity Demo with Jailed Peaceful Protesters

Gaza demo on Land Day at Nahal Oz crossing
Land Day protests in West Bank

Rachel Corrie investigation: IDF told bulldozer driver not to cooperate

Boycott protest at French Ministry of Justice

Judgement due on Jerusalem Quartet protest as Sing-in disrupts London performance

All Swedish national pension funds exclude Elbit
Health workers support call for U of Arizona to divest
Naomi Klein: Open letter to Berkeley students
BDS: U Cal Berkeley votes for divestment from war crimes

TUC-PSC campaign to Ban Settlement Goods

Gaza: Egypt’s steel wall nears completion, threatening tunnel trade (IRIN - UN OCHA)
Gaza: Fishermen face Israeli fire and Egyptian arrest (Ma'an News)
Gaza: Israel fires on Palestinian workers collecting rubble (Ma'an News)

Student kidnapped and tortured in West bank

Medical evidence proves Israel used live ammo to suppress West Bank demo
Palestinian organiser tortured in Israeli jail
Israel imposes closed military zone on anti-Wall villages

Open letter to UN Sec Gen Ban Ki-moon
Ban Ki-moon Gaza visit disappointing

Gaza eyewitness after 1000 days of siege

BRICUP letter to Elton John
Elton John and Pixies concerts: Israelis are behaving like rich spoiled brats (Ha'aretz)
PACBI: Elton John, don’t entertain apartheid again

Stop EU reward for Israeli war crimes

Israeli Apartheid: the Case for BDS, London 20 March
Scotland: Fighting Israeli aparthied - BDS speaking tour

Rachel Corrie commemorations 16 March
Rachel Corrie: Israeli court begins hearings on unlawful killing (ISM)

West Bank university staff to strike over pensions, wages

Is PA undermining BDS campaign? (Palestine Chronicle)

Gazans candlelit protest at Erez crossing
Growing protests against Gaza Buffer Zone

Beit Ummar demo arrests
Baptism of Fire: West Bank eyewitness

EU demands implementation of Goldstone recommendations (EU)
Despite heavy lobbying, EU endorses Goldstone Report (euobserver)

Interview with Gaza human rights defender (Electronic Intifada)

Palestinian artist Latifa Yousef: Emerging from 1948

Scandanavian financial institutions drop Elbit

BDS newsletter excerpts

Pressure on Veolia and Alstom over Light Rail

Israeli deputy ambassador ditches Manchester talk

Report: Israel stole $2bn from Palestinian workers

WAC letter to OECD on basic labour rights in Israel
WAC-MAAN: from Advice Centre to Trade Union

COSATU President address to Gaza report-back rally
COSATU report-back on Gaza delegation: Lenasia 27 Jan

photo: Greg Dropkin
Gaza Freedom March: French embassy protestors surrounded by Cairo police 28 Dec 09

Cairo Declaration initial signatories
Declaration website: translations and Signing form
Israeli organisation BOYCOTT! supports Cairo Declaration
South African delegation: Cairo Declaration
Interview: Zico Tamela (SATAWU) in Cairo

Egypt blocking Gaza Freedom March: contact the Embassy
COSATU to join Gaza Freedom March!

Anti-Apartheid Wall campaigner Jamal Juma’ arrested

No impunity for Israeli war criminals in UK

Miliband: Israeli war criminals welcome in Britain
Hendon House Hotel bans JNF, apologises for booking
JNF: charity or apartheid para-statal institution? SOAS 16 Dec
Protest the JNF London Sun 13 Dec

YouTube: “UN Inspectors” swoop on Israeli goods in Asda Liverpool

Open Letter to AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka: Boycott Apartheid Israel

Ali Abunimah: The Interview Ha’aretz doesn’t want you to see (PULSE)

PGFTU Statement on Boycott of Israel
Palestinian Boycott National Committee welcomes PGFTU Statement on Boycott

Palestinian Trade Union Movement Unanimously Confirms Support for BDS
Anti-apartheid leaders launch case for sanctions on Israel – Manchester 7 Dec

Change of venue: New venue for International Conference on Palestinian Refugees
International Conference to discuss Future of Palestinian Refugees

Supermarket boycott: Phone Morrisons and Waitrose today 11 Nov
Manchester Morrison's demo video
Liverpool Morrisons leaflet (Word)

Censoring an opponent of torture

Action Palestine newsletter Oct 09

Video Exclusive: Ehud Barak in Chicago (Electronic Intifada)

Target Brimar: 17 Oct

Labour gives Barak diplomatic immunity to evade arrest for war crimes
Protest Israeli Defence Minister Barak at Labour Party Conference

Picket Israeli Embassy 1st Oct - General Strike by Palestinian citizens of Israel
Palestinians within Israel call strike against racism 1 October

The IAEA and Israel (Arab News)
IAEA urges Israel to allow nuclear inspection (YNet News)

Amnesty: email David Miliband on response to Goldstone Report
Richard Falk: The Goldstone Report and the battle for legitimacy (Electronic Intifada)
Palestinian Human Rights Organisations support UN Mission Findings
download Goldstone report full text (6 Mb PDF) (The Guardian)

Free Mohammad Othman, Palestine’s first BDS Prisoner of Conscience!

CodePink backs BDS movement
Gaza Freedom March website
Open letter in support of Gaza Freedom March

Palestine decisions at the TUC
PSC: Britain’s unions commit to a mass boycott movement of Israeli goods
TUC backs boycott of Israeli goods (Guardian)

Palestine: the key international issue at TUC Congress
TUC Congress motion on Palestine

Boycott Israeli Apartheid: Liverpool trade union conference broadsheet
page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4

Chicago conference: A turning point for the US solidarity movement (Electronic Intifada)

Haidar Eid: Open letter to South African President Jacob Zuma

US pension fund giant divests from Israeli firm (Ha'aretz)
Victory - Norwegian Pension Fund divests from Israeli military giant Elbit

Israel admitted at least one case of organ harvesting...

RMT Conference: boycott, divestment and sanctions

Palestinian resistance to the Jerusalem Light Rail project (Jerusalem Quarterly)

Zyara: “You will see with your own eyes”

Boycott movement takes hold in British unions (Electronic Intifada)

Amnesty International withdraws from Leonard Cohen’s Israel Concert Fund
Open Letter to Amnesty International (US): Stop supporting Leonard Cohen gig in Israel!

Gaza fundraisers: Ken Loach, Ricky Tomlinson 7 Sept “Raining Stones”
Tony Benn, George Galloway, Tony Woodley, Betty Hunter, Lindsey German 15 Sept

Developing the boycott: Wooler workshop 24 Oct

Leonard Cohen Liverpool demo report
Leonard Cohen Liverpool demo video (YouTube)
Palestinian Prisoners Club withdraws invite to Leonard Cohen
Leon Rosselson: Leonard Cohen and Beyond
Leonard Cohen Liverpool leaflet
Leonard Cohen Liverpool press release

Quebec union adopts Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions

International Union of Journalists expels Israel over politics and money

European Gaza campaign meets Javier Solana

Israel confiscates Free Gaza boat cargo, expels crew abducted in Mediterranean
Letter from an Israeli jail - Cynthia McKinney

Gaza at a distance, but on the horizon

Apartheid Wall: attacks and kidnappings in Bil'in
Bil'in: 3 injured in weekly protest

Gaza's sea a "no-go zone" for fishermen

Israel kidnaps Free Gaza boat "Spirit of Humanity"

PCS Gen Sec Mark Serwotka's Palestine Blog

US West Coast dockers congratulate Durban dockers boycott

UNISON Open Letter for pension fund divestment

Inside Gaza: notes from the Viva Palestina convoy

France: coalition rejects using Sete port for Israeli company Agrexco

Samar and Jawad are finally free!

Victory: Veolia ditches Jerusalem Light Rail project: focus now on Alstom

UCU supports Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions despite legal threats

PCS backs consumer boycott, end arms sales and EU trade agreement with Israel - PGFTU address conference

FBU to campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions as with apartheid South Africa

Interview: Manawel Abdel-Al, PGFTU

Arab railway workers in Israel score first victory

Isolate Israeli Apartheid: Manchester 19 May

Remember Gaza - Free Palestine demo London 16 May

Lieberman, the EU Israeli Association Agreement, Settlements
Lieberman in London: protest 10:30am - 12noon Foreign Office, Whitehall

Scottish TUC commits decisively for Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions

End of Trade Union Friends of Israel?

North-West trade union Palestine solidarity conference: morning session transcript
North-West trade union Palestine solidarity conference: final plenary transcript
Blog report: Morning session
Blog report: Afternoon session

Scottish TUC 2009 delegation report (PDF)

Defend Jeremy Bowen from Zionist lobby (Media Workers Against the War)

Laborer’s Voice international appeal for fired rail guards (Word)
“Hebrew Labour” lives on as Israel Railways fires Arab guards

North-West trade union Palestine Solidarity conference speakers and agenda
North-West TUC conference policy on Palestine
North-West trade union conference:
Solidarity with Palestine — Liverpool 18 Apr

Gaza: UN press conference
European campaign to end the siege on Gaza

Goodbye Moto, Goodbye Apartheid!
Isolate apartheid Israel - lessons from South Africa

Eyewitness in Gaza: Public meeting with Sameh Habeeb - Liverpool 31 Mar

Ronnie Kasrils: BDS can defeat Israel (MMN)
Sandwell MBC drops Veolia’s bid for waste contract

Seamas Milne: Will Israel be brought to book? (Guardian)

Israeli soldiers in Gaza ordered to shoot medical rescue teams (Ha’aretz)
Israeli army deliberately killed Palestinian civilians in Gaza (Ha’aretz)
Israel’s War Crimes: Richard Falk (Le Monde Diplomatique)
Ni'lin: IDF shoot US peace activist - update and video
West Bank village Ni'lin pays tribute to Jewish victims of the holocaust
Anniversary of the murder of Rachel Corrie...

Histadrut: Israel’s racist “trade union” (Electronic Intifada)
Histadrut to ask ITF for help on SA boycott
Histadrut defends Israeli war crimes
Separate and Unequal - The History of Arab Labour in pre-1948 Palestine and Israel

Gaza, we will be back
Gaza and Viva Palestina... one family
Convoy leaves Gaza: mission accomplished...for now
Viva Palestina convoy enters Gaza after Egyptian Police attack
Viva Palestina convoy at the Rafah border crossing

Israeli elections: a significant step closer to fascism

Psychological effect of Gaza war on children

US trade unionists salute South African, Australian dockers' Israel boycott

COSATU humbled by international support for boycott action
Significance of the Durban dockers’ refusal to offload Israeli cargo

Hampshire College Divestment - response to spin
Manchester Metropolitan University occupied for Gaza
Occupation website

PC Pratt and the Gaza Convoy arrests

Irish Congress of Trades Unions to launch boycott

Israeli women expose companies complicit in occupation (Electronic Intifada)
Direct action against companies arming and trading with Israel (Corporate Watch)

Feminists blockade Agrexco: We don't want your bloody Valentine

The Congress of South African Trades Unions (COSATU) is celebrating victory as the Johanna Russ (Zim Lines) is now steaming northeast from Durban, having arrived and left early. Management appear to have deployed scabs, but the firm stand by COSATU and its affiliated transport union SATAWU is a big step forward. Details are in the COSATU press release below. SATAWU is affiliated to the International Transport Workers' Federation. The Histadrut (Israeli trade union federation) intends to call on the ITF to end the boycott. Other ITF affiliates have strong policies on Palestine.

COSATU: Victory for worker solidarity
COSATU Gen Sec calls on workers worldwide to follow Durban dockers lead

COSATU calls for intensified action against Israel
COSATU, PSC: Free Palestine! Isolate Apartheid Israel!
Palestinian BDS National Committee salutes South African dockworkers
Oakland: Solidarity with South African Dock Action Against Israeli Ship
Maritime Union of Australia: South African wharfies to ban Israeli ship
Doro-Chiba rail union (Japan): Let’s fight together with Cosatu/Satawu’s direct action!
Liverpool dockworkers / Initiative Factory: solidarity with Durban dockworkers
Liverpool to Durban: you will set the world alight
Cambridge City Unison: international trade union action at its best
S. African dock workers won't unload Israeli goods (AP / NYT)
Israeli media report (YNet news)

Histadrut to ask ITF for help on SA boycott

Western Australia: Portworkers endorse boycott of Israel

Caterpillar: Church of England has divested £2.2m

Carmel-Agrexco warehouse blockaded
Don't flirt with Israeli apartheid: Agrexco HQ Sat 7 Feb
Protest Israeli Ambassador Kensington Town Hall Mon 9 Feb

NUJ, BECTU protest over BBC and Sky’s Gaza appeal ban
BBC staff in revolt over Gaza appeal ban
Why has the BBC behaved in such a bizarre way?
Eight reasons why the BBC is wrong on Gaza
postponed due to snow: Gaza - failed by the media: 2 Feb London but will be reconvened

Union of Health Work Committees: Thank You

COSATU Gen. Sec. Z. Vavi: Sanction and Boycott apartheid Israel!

Debate at San Francisco Labor Council: What price Unity?
San Francisco Labor Council demands Gaza border opening now

WFTU statement on Palestine

Veolia crumbling under pressure

Arms to Israel: activists enter EDO in Brighton

Histadrut defends Israeli war crimes

New Zealand Council of Trade Unions endorses Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions
Italy’s largest union: Prosecute Israeli war crimes, suspend EU Assoc. Agreement
US: United Electrical Workers Call for End to Bloodshed in Gaza
Iraq: unions march against Israeli invasion of Gaza

91 Israeli Citizens: “Boycott Israeli Goods and Institutions!” (The Guardian)
Israel: A police state celebrates (IPS, Electronic Intifada)
Israeli TV broadcasts a father's heartbreak

Israel Bombs University Teachers Assoc. (Gaza) - Boycott now!

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions: A call from Gaza
Trade Union Solidarity with Palestine: Edinburgh 17 Jan 09
Liverpool: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Now!

Israeli citizens call for Sanctions against Israel

Europe postpones upgrade of Israel trade agreement (Guardian)

PFLP calls on Greek people to stop US arms to Israel
Reuters: US seeks arms shipment from Greece to Israel

New Zealand: union calls members to protest Israeli aggression
Norway: historic mobilisation and political strike against Gaza massacres

Free Gaza Movement stopped in international waters by Israeli navy

Gaza is sinking in a river of blood (Electronic Intifada)

Mass anti-war demo Tel-Aviv - Jaffa 17 Jan

Video: Bay Area trade unionists speak out on Gaza

Fact Sheet: How Israel torpedoed the ceasefire (Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign)

Palestine Solidarity Campaign bulletin 11 Jan

Quebec unions / civil society mass solidarity demo

PGFTU: We are all Gazans

UCU: Lecturers Union condemns Israeli attack
UCU Left supports Palestinians

National demonstration London Sat 10 Jan Hyde Park 12:30 march to Israeli Embassy
Stop the massacre: Israel out of Gaza

Thirteenth Day of Continuous IOF Attacks Across the Gaza Strip

Red Cross demands urgent access to wounded as Israeli army fails to assist wounded Palestinians

Israeli consulate in Toronto occupied

UNISON: End Gaza violence

How long before Israeli forces ask why they were ordered to attack the school... and then refuse to obey?

Standing shocked in Gaza, surrounded by massacres

42 dead as Israel massacres civilians
and children at north Gaza UN school

Union of Health Work Committees: Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Day 10 in Gaza: an escalating massacre

Israeli tank bombards Al Awda hospital ambulance - healthworker killed, vehicle destroyed

Sao Paulo demo unites opposition to Israeli attack

Day 9 in Gaza: outcomes of the land invasion

Ilan Pappe: Israel’s righteous fury and its victims in Gaza (Electronic Intifada)

The Invasion of Gaza: part of a broader Israeli agenda (Global Research)

Liverpool demo photoreport

London Sat 3 Jan 12:30 Embankment... and elsewhere
Massacre in Gaza - Press Conference 2 Jan with Annie Lennox
Liverpool, Manchester demos
San Francisco demo 2 Jan
South Africa demos 2 - 5 Jan

Happy Holocaust Gaza: is history repeating itself?
Who ended the 6 month ceasefire in Israel/Palestine?
Day 7 of Israeli war on Gaza

Is the UN complicit in Gaza massacre?

Boycott committee: “Stop the massacre in Gaza - boycott Israel now!”
British telecom firm severs ties with Israeli counterparts over Gaza
Turkish mass rallies demand Israeli boycott
Palestinian university union federation calls for boycott as Israel bombs Gaza university
Oxford UNISON health branch condemns Israeli aggression, calls for arms embargo
Workers Advice Centre: for international trade union pressure to stop Israel’s war in Gaza
South African Government summons Israeli Ambassador
South Africa: Palestine protests set for 3 Jan

Israeli electioneering with bombs (Electronic Intifada)

UN: Gaza hospitals on brink of collapse
Union of Health Work Committees: Stop Israeli urbanicide and genocide in Gaza!

Day 5 - 400 dead, 2000 wounded

Israeli Navy attacks aid boat in international waters

Reporting from Gaza Day 4: death toll reaches 390

Gaza: Calm is over

On life support (The Guardian)

Video interview: BRICUP in Gaza

EU - Israel Agreement Upgrade: Act Now

PSC Trade Union news
Sanctions: BDS newsletter 10 Dec 08
Irish Congress of Trade Unions delegation report criticises Israel, governments
More transnational companies divest from settlements
Unilever to sell stake in plant based in West Bank settlement (Guardian)

Solidarity with Umm al-Fahm - settlers march postponed

Health Professionals Against the Siege of Gaza (Canada)
Download Union of Health Work Committees (Gaza) presentation (PDF 4Mb)

Urgent: Write to your MP now on the ‘unprecedented’ humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Blockade-busting ship arrives in Gaza
BRICUP: Breaking the Siege of Gaza
Free Gaza Movement: 4th voyage to break Gaza siege
Lawyer for Gaza fishermen arrested

Gaza Under Siege
US foreign policy prospects - Palestine & the Middle East
Dr. Mona El-Farra, Prof. Moshé Machover
10 Dec Liverpool
Download leaflet (Word)
Download poster (Word)

Contact your MEP now: No new EU-Israel Trade Agreement

UN High Commissioner calls for lifting Gaza blockade
Israeli tanks, bulldozers invade southern Gaza
Journalists: Gaza blackout an unprecedented violation of press freedom

Gaza: clinging to hope

15 Gaza fishermen and 3 internationals
kidnapped by Israeli Navy

Festival of Palestinian Film and Culture
Manchester Nov 22nd & 29th, Dec 6th & 13th

Obama and the prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace (Electronic Intifada)

UN: Gaza Humanitarian Situation Report

Gaza plunged into darkness - our lives are not for sale

Gaza blockaded and power shut down
Israeli forces kill four Gazans on seventh day of total closure
Gaza weekly update 2-8 November
PCHR: Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Letter to Balliol: Cancel the Peres visit!

Kav LaOved - Workers Hotline newsletter:
Palestinian workers in West Bank Israeli settlements, migrant workers, Israeli workers

Over 80 activities against the Apartheid Wall

Right of Return and One Secular Democratic State

Gaza welcomes SS Dignity

Letters re The Shooting of Tom Hurndall

Say NO to Israel’s system of racial discrimination in Acre

Sheffield Star reports Musheir El-Farra on Free Gaza boat

Palestinian workers exploited at West Bank settlement factories (Electronic Intifada)

Stopthewall: Boycott Divestment & Sanctions newsletter Oct 08

Israel and the threat of war with Iran
Zionism: propaganda and sordid reality - London 12 Oct
nb change of date, venue: 12 Oct 2008 - 5:15pm, The Lucas Arms, 245a Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross

PGFTU calls for boycotts targetting the Occupation, arms trade

Jerusalem: East Side Story + Mohammed Alatar (director) Liverpool 8 Oct

The Gaza Crisis: Manchester 8 Oct

Union of Health Work Committees collapse is imminent (Word)
for previous coverage use search form with keyword UHWC

Aid agencies ‘Middle East Quartet Report’ welcomed by One Democratic State Group

Letter to the Canadian Carpenters’ Union

Hedy Epstein: Liverpool 19 Oct

Israel fires on Gaza fishermen as Free Gaza boats return to Cyprus

Weekend opening at Rafah crossing raises hopes for Gazan students

Free Gaza Boats to sail for Europe Thurs Aug 28

Free Gaza Boats arrive in Gaza!
Free Gaza expected before dark; Israeli foreign ministry says ships can dock in Gaza (Ma’an News Agency)
Free Gaza and Liberty approach Gazan waters
Electronic jamming, rough seas face Gaza boats
Two boats breaking the inhuman Israeli siege of Gaza
Gush Shalom: let the boats sail unmolested
Free Gaza Movement press statement 22 Aug 08

Flashback: more photos
Gaza fishermen sail out against the siege, 16 June 2008

A guest of eternity: Mahmoud Darwish in memoriam (Electronic Intifada)

Free Gaza website
Activists ready to sail, defying threats
Israel threatens Gaza boats
Palestinians denounce Israeli threat to boats
Appeal from the passengers and crew of Free Gaza boats
Break the siege of Gaza: press conference 4 Aug London
The Free Gaza Boats

Gaza politics: Bloody minded narrowness (Al-Ahram Weekly)

PGFTU and Histadrut reach agreement (AFL-CIO)

Boycott Divestment and Sanctions newsletter 7 Aug 08

Exeter PSC: respond to Gordon Brown on Israel

Local government strikers join Starbucks picket

Award-winning Palestinian journalist tortured by Israeli security

Irish Congress of Trade Unions backs boycott of Israel
UNISON policy on Palestine
Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions newsletter

Fishermen protest the siege of Gaza

Net tightens on Gaza fishermen (Electronic Intifada)
Gaza fishermen to protest siege Mon 16 June: international appeal
Israeli solidarity sailing blocked
Israeli peace activists to join Gaza fishermen to sail against the siege

Israel doesn't respect the agreements: No to the upgrade of EU relations!

Gaza diaries: from Gaza to Rome

Irish public sector union endorses boycott strategy

Palestine Lives - Manchester report

UCU conference: overwhelming support for Palestine motions

Gaza: Narratives under Siege

South Africans oppose Israeli apartheid

Analysis: building labour solidarity with Palestine
Conference: Brick by Brick -
building labour solidarity with Palestine

Canadian Postal Workers resolve to boycott Israeli apartheid

The Nakba march

Palestinan union: Boycott the ‘Israel at 60’ celebrations!

Gaza: siege hits Palestinians before they are born

Demo: 60th anniversary of the Nakba - London 10 May

Artists pulling out of Israel celebrations
Boycott the visit of South African writer Nadine Gordimer!
Gordimer faces Israel furore
Letter from Gaza to Nadine Gordimer
Letters to Nadine Gordimer

Never Again

Massacre in Beit Hanoun

Gaza: the Holocaust continues
Gaza is dying

Apartheid Wall: Bil’in non-violent campaigners Liverpool 22 April

Protest now to stop Mousa’s administrative detention

Sanctions leaflet

PSC Trade Union delegation to Palestine

Open letter to Arab Summit in Damascus

US Labor and Gaza

Interview with Single-State activist Dr. Haidar Eid (Electronic Intifada)

Demand EU re-open Rafah border crossing!
Protest at Rafah crossing - late March 2008

Wave of arrests at Birzeit university

International Women’s Day in Tel-Aviv

A defeated policy, not a defeated people (Electronic Intifada)

COSATU condemns Israeli massacres
South African Municipal Workers Union condemns the actions of Israel

Palestinian Trade Unions on Gaza
Trade union building targeted in Gaza

Action on Gaza (PSC)
Manchester demos 7-8 Mar

EMERGENCY ACTION (PSC): End Israel's killing of Palestinians now! Lift the siege on Gaza! Saturday 8 March 4-6pm opposite Downing Street. Write, email and phone your MP

The Gaza Bombshell (Vanity Fair)
The Gaza documents (Vanity Fair)
Gaza Bombshell author interviewed (Democracy Now)
The US plan to start a Palestinian civil war (Electronic Intifada)

Condoleezza Rice is not welcome in Palestine

Union of Health Work Committees photo report and appeal
Gaza: Urgent Appeal from Union of Health Work Committees (Word, Arabic & English)

Gaza (Jewish Peace News)

Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza while the world watches
Israeli Minister threatens “holocaust”; public demand ceasefire
Israel massacres 18 Palestinians, including a toddler
Palestinian medical centre hit in air strike

Strategy behind the siege of Gaza

Electronic Intifada
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights
Rafah Today

A. Abdul Fattah Speaking Tour

March 8 - Arab and Jewish women march through Tel Aviv

Yibna, War Crimes, the General: 27 Feb Islington

End the Siege of Gaza - Sat 23 Feb Downing St

Palestinian public sector strike

Israel kills 8 Palestinians in Bureij refugee camp, Gaza

Gaza relief convoy supplies arriving, after 2 weeks

LSE Union Demands Divestment from Israel

Defend the Sawt-el-Amel 8

Farmworkers in Israel hit by harsh winter

click on photo to enlarge
Manchester demo: Richard Searle
Liverpool vigil: John Usher

End the siege of Gaza! London demo 9 Feb

Israeli Apartheid Week
South Africa launch
London 11-16 Feb
Israel, Apartheid, Sanctions (2005)

Palestinians of Gaza use people power to stay alive

End the Siege on Gaza: Northern Demo noon 2 Feb BBC M’cr

Tribute to George Habash: 3 Feb Manchester

George Habash’s contribution to the Palestinian struggle (Electronic Intifada)

Gaza Convoy: 1500 Israelis protesting the blockade

End the Siege of Gaza - protests B’ham, Leicester, London
Stop the Siege of Gaza: M’cr 26 Jan

Prison walls broken - Israeli / Palestinian & int’l demos 26 Jan

Mass prison break from Gaza

Palestinians break through border wall
Crisis at Rafah Border Crossing
Solidarity with Gaza: Sanctions against Israeli War Crimes!

One hour before it’s dark

Remember the Holocaust, Speak Out on Palestine

Israel blocks UN aid to Gaza and kills 37 Palestinians

UNISON: Urgent Action - Palestine / UK

West Bank Palestinian workers in Israeli settlements

Israel proposes oil pipeline

New Profile: Liverpool 29 Jan (PDF 2.3Mb)

Fresh massacre in Gaza

Boycott Bush in Palestine

End the siege on Gaza - Downing St. protest Sat 12 Jan

Continuing Israeli massacre in Gaza
Nazareth demo against siege of Gaza
Israeli peace convoy to Gaza

Happy New Year from Gaza

Cape Town to Egypt: Open the Rafah crossing!
US to Egypt: aid conditional on siege of Gaza
Italian delegation blocked

Help! a Ceasefire!

Tom Hurndall Memorial Lecture: Ilan Pappe 17 Jan Mcr

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions update (PACBI)

Gaza under attack

Break the Siege of Gaza: Tel-Aviv meeting
Eyewitness: the grim reality in Gaza

End the siege on Gaza, vigil Downing St. Sat 15 Dec

The genocide of Gaza continues
Gaza: no fuel, no gasoline, no benzene
Gaza healthworkers powerpoint (750 kB)
Fuel cutoff and Urgent petition to end the health crisis in Gaza

Dutch union pressure on Israel
First Palestinian BDS conference in Ramallah

Palestinian-International campaign to end the siege on Gaza
Campaign website

Free Gaza website

Israeli ex-security boss cancels UK trip, fears war crimes arrest
... as General Yaalon prepares to fly to France

Musheir El-Farra: The Crisis in Palestine 6 Dec Manchester

PA Security breaks photographer’s leg at anti-Annapolis protest

Annapolis: towards the liquidation of Palestinian rights

PSC Lobby of Parliament 28 Nov

Slow genocide in Gaza

Challenge: Annapolis

PCHR Condemns Violence by Police in Gaza

Manchester Students Union reaffirms
committment to Palestinian Right to Education

When Israel was Apartheid’s open ally

GUPW supports Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions

Gaza: Break the Siege ACTION REQUEST
Gaza: Let them eat cake

Through the eyes of a British doctor: 14 Nov Manchester

Palestine-Israel One State conference London 17-18 Nov

Erez Crossing: What the eye doesn’t see...
Break the siege of Gaza before it is too late
PSC statement on hardship in Gaza

Israeli officer: Israel could destroy Iranian nuclear facilities

Gaza: Human rights director’s letter to Scottish Parliament
Gaza: Israel denies access to medical care

Cutting power to Gaza (Jewish Voice for Peace)

Gaza fuel cuts: Court challenge to collective punishment
Gaza: Israel tightens the noose
Between Gaza and Annapolis
Gaza: Anaesthetic gas supplies cut off
Stop the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza

Defend the Sawt el-Amel 10

Workers in Palestine attacked by Israeli army

Between Boycott and Apartheid
BBC reply to complaint re Palestine item on Radio 4 Today

Exiled and suffering: Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, London 30 Oct

Palestine workshop at San Francisco anti-war conference

New York City labor support for Israel boycott

Howard Zinn: write to U of Michigan re suppression of book

UCU decision “an attack on free speech”
Palestinian academics respond as UCU bans debate
Academic boycott illegal, says UCU
Guardian letters respond to UCU ban on debate
Palestinian Academic Freedom: SOAS London 13 Oct

BMJ debate: Go and see the truth for yourself. I did.

What counts as evidence?
Israeli Medical association (IMA) responds to allegations
The full BMJ boycott debate

Pressure on Royal Society of Medicine over Dr. Summerfield

Union policies on Palestine

PSC meeting Dr Mustafa Barghouti 6 Oct London

High Court challenge on arms exports to Israel

Israeli soldiers testimonies

Gaza on the verge of total economic collapse

Dr. Haydar ‘Abd al-Shafi

Israel: neo-Nazi attack on migrant workers

Human rights abuses by West Bank security forces

Gaza: A Call to Urgent Action
Not yet enough hell in Gaza?

From Gaza: Boycott Condoleeza Rice visit

Welcome to Never-Never Land

Caterpillar: leaflet to Liverpool City Councillors

Phyllis Bennis at San Francisco Labor Council breakfast 27 Sept

Israeli company to build US - Mexico border wall

From Gaza: Mona El-Farra

Palestinian appeal to North American academics

“Labor for Palestine” responds to US anti-boycott statement

Palestinian Football campaign gathers pace
More British Racism against Palestinians

Carmel Agrexco’s Heathrow warehouse blockaded

Palestine: any light at the end of the tunnel?

Open the Rafah Crossing!
Mona El-Farra: My mother is in her last moments
and I cannot cross the border

COSATU statement on Israeli security officials
Israeli security strip search for South African trade unionist

Palestinian union attacked from all sides
Palestinian labor leader addresses San Francisco trade unionists
Israeli soldiers “trash” PGFTU offices
PGFTU labor breakfast San Francisco Labor Council 12 July
Labor Under Occupation: PGFTU public forum San Francisco 12 July
TUC condemns attacks on Palestinian trade unions

The war within Fatah (Al-Ahram weekly)

Palestinian quarry workers organise

Irish Congress of Trade Unions:
active and vigorous boycott and disinvestment

BRICUP, JBIG picket anti-boycott meeting

PSC welcomes union boycott votes

NUJ reverses boycott decision after TUC response

Taboo at the TUC: the Palestinian Right of Return

Palestinian Arab workers in Israel: online photo exhibit

NUJ: A dream come true - Alan Johnston finally released
PSC welcomes Alan Johnston release

Palestine: subverting democracy (Al-Ahram Weekly)
Flashback: Pinochet in Palestine (Al-Ahram Weekly)

Abbas' de Facto Government (AIC)

Defeat for Bush in Gaza (Electronic Intifada)

Gaza under Israeli fire

Mona El-Farra: Palestinians must have hope to move forward

Two States for One People

Gaza crisis: Israel not without blame

Jewish group supports UNISON Israel boycott decision

UNISON supports boycott call in debate on Palestine
(Jon Rogers blog)
PSC welcomes UNISON vote on boycott
BRICUP welcomes UNISON vote

Sanctions against Israeli Apartheid

Israeli citizens in support of UNISON boycott proposal

UNISON Conference motions on Palestine

UNISON: for a full debate on solidarity with Palestine (Word)

ILWU members respond to pro-Israel Dispatcher article

South African arms trade with Israel

Palestine: the case for an academic boycott (Steven Rose, The Independent)

Denial of Tenure to Dr. Norman Finkelstein
Pres. Holtshneider - Go, wash your hands

Mona El Farra: speech at the UN

One State solution gaining ground, UN envoy admits (Electronic Intifada)

The World says No to Israeli Occupation

South Africa: COSATU seeks to boycott Israel

UCU conference adopts Palestine motions

We deserve the Academic Boycott!

Palestinian Students Boycotted

Reply to Workers Liberty

Release Dr. Nasser Ash-Sha’er and all Palestinian political prisoners

End the Israeli assault on Gaza

As Gaza Burns (Electronic Intifada)
Flashback: Pinochet in Palestine (Al-Ahram Weekly)

PSC deplores factional violence, condemns continuing occupation

Sheffield Northern Rally for Palestine: report and photos

Solidarity with Alan Johnston - London 14 May

NUJ condemns kidnapping of Alan Johnston

Occupation did not defeat Mansour - nor will cancer

A boycott by any other name

Gaza: Insecurity spreads as BBC’s Alan Johnston remains kidnapped

Gaza disaster – whose responsibility?

Israeli Workers Advice Center meets British unions

Tanya Reinhart

Brazilian CUT Youth endorse boycott, disinvestment and sanctions against Israel

Kick apartheid out of football: London 24 Mar

Repression in Nablus and Bethlehem: write to MPs

Journey from Palestine: Living with Uncertainty - Thanks Mr. Olmert

Palestinians: The crisis in medical care

Israel: Wisconsin Plan - Welfare to Work?

University Teachers - Gaza: Boycott Condoleeza Rice
Core issues absent from Rice’s peace rhetoric agenda (Electronic Intifada)

Palestinian unions call for Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions

Separate and Unequal: Arab labour in pre-1948 Palestine and Israel

San Francisco Labor Event for Palestinian non-violent activists

Workers Advice Center UK tour: Swinton TUC

Urgent Action: Israeli soldiers burst into Abu Dis secondary school

PGFTU statement on Gaza violence

The American proxy war in Gaza

Carmel Agrexco picket delays Valentine flower deliveries
Carmel Agrexco: Don’t Flirt with the Occupation - 10 Feb
Avocados, Diamonds and South African sanctions against Israel

Stop the “welfare-to-work” Wisconsin Plan in Israel!

Mona El-Farra: Gaza update 2 Feb 07
Mona El-Farra: Gaza – No Exit
Comment: Victoria Brittain (The Guardian)

A child murdered by Israeli Border Police in Anata, West Bank

SOAS Israeli Apartheid Week 12-15 Feb

What Willie Adams missed

Enough! coalition launch 30 Jan

Zionism, Racism and Apartheid: London 2 Feb

Gaza: Breaking the Silence Liverpool 8 Feb (Word leaflet)

Palestinian delegation appeal to World Socialist Forum

Labor Union delegation re Agricultural Workers in Israel / Palestine

Palestinian prisoner dies from Israeli medical negligence

Palestinian prisoners hunger strike protesting internal strife

Alstom and Israel: CGT opposes Jerusalem light rail project

Relief as AFP journalist released from Gaza kidnap
Reporters Without Borders: journalists caught in Gaza crossfire

Palestinian workers inside Israel brutally beaten

Gaza at the end of 2006

South African anti-war group targets Israeli avocados

Anarchists bring Wall to Tel Aviv

Ask Veolia advisors to boycott Jerusalem light rail project
Dublin tram drivers, SIPTU, refuse to train Israeli tram drivers
Artists call for cultural boycott
Gaza healthworkers appeal for sanctions
Medical ethics and the Israeli Occupation of Palestine
Academic and medical boycott of Israel: Derek Summerfield letter

Workers Advice Center December 2006 report
Workers’ solidarity - report from Tel-Aviv on Palestinian workers

Imprisoned PFLP leader - hearing in mid-January

Ilan Pappe: The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

Zionist collaborator with Hitler - audio interview online

War and Health in the West Bank and Gaza

Workers Sanctions against Israel

A Palestinian man mourns after his family members were killed in Israeli shelling of a residential area in Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, 8 November 2006. (MaanImages Saleh)

Letter from Gaza - 22 Nov

Massacre in Beit Hanoun (Electronic Intifada)
Beit Hanoun: We overcame our fear (Guardian)
Gaza massacre protest Downing St. Thurs 9 Nov 5pm onwards
Amnesty International visits Beit Hanoun killings scene
Stop Israeli massacres in Beit Hanoun
Alert on Gaza
Gaza: They shoot at anything that moves
Northern Gaza Hospital Diary
Gaza: Beit Hanoun Siege Diary

Sanctions against Israel: Liverpool leaflet

Gaza: Israeli peace activists call for worldwide campaign

Gaza: End the assault on Beit Hanoun
Gaza: While the World is Silent
Gaza: State of Siege

Gaza: Israeli peace protests escalate

PGFTU International Sec. at Tony Benn meeting Lpool 30 Oct

Israeli forces attack Beit Hanoun

Palestinian farm workers organise

Canadian conference: Boycott Israeli Apartheid

The case for the Academic Boycott of Israel

COSATU backs sanctions against Israel

TUC: for Palestinian self-determination and right of return

T&GWU Chairman: No to the US-Israeli war

Support Derry anti-war protestors

Video clips of South African Sanctions march
South African Sanctions Campaign: The way forward

Global Action against Apartheid Israel’s War Crimes
South African Sanctions Campaign Escalates
MEWUSA (South Africa) backs Sanctions Against Israel
Calls for sanctions intensify

Sanctions against Israel: If not now, when?
Signatures to Sacked Dockers Sanctions Appeal

T&GWU Gen. Sec. letters to Labour MPs, Tony Blair
Sheffield TUC appeal: stop US cluster munitions for Israel

Emergency national anti-war demo 5 Aug London
RMT calls on ITF to condemn attack on Lebanon, demand immmediate ceasefire

University Teachers’ Assoc. - Palestine, on Qana massacre
Northern Israeli residents disbelieve government, military
The war goes on; so do the anti-war demos
Quebec mass demo for Lebanon, Palestine 6 Aug

Dockers: Should we be working Israeli cargoes?
South African campaign statement on Qana massacre

Against Zionist spin: flashback to 1973
LabourStart editor Eric Lee backs Israel’s war

Unilateralism Brings War

Israel attacks Lebanon (webpage: Electronic Intifada)

Gaza Healthworkers call for Last Appeal

Sheffield TUC letter to MPs

Look who’s been kidnapped!

Tel-Aviv protest, commentary and manifesto

Ilan Pappe: What does Israel want?
Arab American commentary on Israeli colonial conquest

Racism and media coverage of the Israeli invasion

Gaza teachers appeal for academic and cultural boycott
COSATU calls for sanctions: ‘Apartheid Israel’ worse than apartheid SA

Op-ed by Ismail Haniyeh in Washington Post

Chemical weapons in Gaza?
My life in Gaza, by Mona el-Farra (Boston Globe)

Inside the Palestine debate at UNISON Conference
Palestine: Shame at UNISON Conference
UNISON Conference debates Palestine

COSATU Open Letter in Support of CUPE Resolution
South African Union Joins Boycott of Israel
CUPE Ontario: Protesting against Israeli Apartheid

CUPE Ontario votes for Boycott, Disinvestment, Sanctions against Israeli Apartheid
CUPE National Statement on Ontario Vote
CUPE Support petition
How LabourStart reported the CUPE boycott

Inside the NATFHE Palestine debate
Palestinian response to NATFHE boycott vote
NATFHE approves academic boycott of Israel

Open Letter to NATFHE from Palestinian Academics

Israel, Apartheid and Sanctions: in response to Susie Jacobs

PCHR: Israeli human rights violations in Occupied Territories Oct 12 - 18
PCHR condemns attack on Palestine Workers Radio

Apartheid Wall: Bil’in mass demo 27 Oct
Bilâin Cameraman still detained
Apartheid Wall: Week of Action 9 - 16 Nov.

Academic and Cultural Boycott campaign update

Palestinian Univ. Presidents highlight restrictions on movement

Palestinian healthworkers financial crisis in Gaza

PSC lobby of Parliament 29 Nov

Italian probe of Israeli weapon prototype in Gaza

Behind the Media’s Gazan Blind Spot (Electronic Intifada)

War Nyet!, Ceasefire Da!

Urgent Actions 28 & 30 July, letter to Blair
Blair’s Blank Cheque for Israel’s Wars

Video - Tel Aviv anti-war protest
Video - Chicago protest against Israeli State Terrorism
Ramallah mass protest against Condoleezza Rice
Cape Town prepares mass march for sanctions

Middle East crisis - Manchester rally Fri and demo Sat 22 July
End Israel’s barbarism now: London and more regional demos 22 July
18 arrested on San Francisco demo at Israeli Consulate

Leila Khaled: End Genocide Now!

Roosevelt Univ. Prof. sacked for allowing free discussion

Maximum Jews Minimum Palestians
Israeli Missile Hits Palestinian School
Summer Rain
Apartheid Israeli “Retaliation” and BBC’s Double Standards
Palestinian parliamentarian warns of severe public health and humanitarian disaster facing Gaza
PGFTU Account of recent events in Nablus
Facts and figures about the impact of the current Israeli raids on health in Gaza
When will Israel learn?
Collective Punishment And State Terrorism
Israel Revokes Residency Rights of Four Palestinian Government Officials

Israeli tanks re-occupy Rafah
Gaza under massive attack

Gaza Beach: radio interview Mona El-Farra, Chris McGreal
Gaza: On the Beach (Update 13 June)
Gaza Beach: Hadeel in Al-Awda
Levelling Gaza and bombing civilians by the seashore
Gaza: Escalating Israeli violence

From Bil’in to Gaza

Israeli PM Olmert in London: PSC demo Tues 13 June

Profiting from the Occupation: London 9 July

The aid weapon in Palestine (Word)

EU Aid cutoff: Early Day Motion

Message to London demo from PGFTU
Crisis in Palestine: National Demo Sat. 20 May
Oppose Inhuman Policies - Join the demo

For a Nuclear Free Middle East: letter to Kofi Annan

Palestine health crisis caused by aid cutoff and Israeli escalation

Palestine Calling: Health Situation

Apartheid Wall: demo and legal challenge

Kav LaOved (Worker’s Hotline) May Day special
Workers Advice Center May Day celebrations

Palestine in Crisis: London 9 May mtg, 20 May demo

The Nakba, beyond remembering; SOAS London 14 May

Stop the shelling of Gaza
Note from northern Gaza healthworkers
Gaza Situation Report (UN OCHA)

EU funding cutoff risks Palestinian catastrophe
Foreign Funding of Palestinian Authority: PNGO Statement
Re-instate EU and US aid to Palestine
The American and European way of violating democracy

Some Palestinian reactions to the suicide bombing
Israel: the day of the suicide bombing

Nablus Resistance Echoes Warsaw Ghetto

The days before...

Apartheid Wall: Israeli Occupation Forces attack students
Nablus: Israeli Forces occupy 5 houses

Jericho Jack in Palestine (Word leaflet)

Interview with PFLP leader Ahmed Sa’adat before kidnap (Le Solidaire)
Britain, US complicit as Israel storms Jericho prison

AMICUS North-West health motion on Apartheid Wall, Caterpillar boycott

AP wipes video of Israeli soldier shooting Palestinian boy (Counterpunch)

Caterpillar Action Day London 16 March
Remembering Rachel’s Words
Rachel Corrie Memorial - Caterpillar Action

Palestinian women: after the election

Israeli forces shoot anarchist refusenik Matan Cohen in Wall protest

WAC: Registrar drops accusation

Balata invaded, Conference in Bil’in

Palestine Trade Union conference London 11 March

Prisoners elected to Palestinian Parliament (Counterpunch)
Commentary on Hamas Election Victory (Electronic Intifada)

Agrexco: Victory for Palestine solidarity activists
Carmel-Agrexo apartheid sanctions trial starts Mon 23 Jan

photo: ISM

Palestinian Election: mass march meets military at Wall in Bil’in
Three thousand in non-violent protest, and the army gets mad

Don’t mention the Wall, Cherie

Let the Global Boycott of Israel begin

more on boycotts / sanctions

Paradise Now wins Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film (Electronic Intifada)

Colin Powell Manchester venue is the MIDLAND HOTEL
Protest Colin Powell at JNF fundraiser Manchester 17 Jan

Palestinian workers challenging the Occupation: London 11 March TU conference

Suppressed EU Report on East Jerusalem:
30+ organisations defy secrecy

Suppressed EU Report: JSG letter to MEPs

Renewed threat to Workers Advice Center

Ahmad Al Khatib’s family donates his organs to save Israeli children

Apartheid Wall: Week of Action 9 - 16 Nov
Apartheid Wall: Confrontation in Bil’in

My name is Rachel Corrie

Workers of Gaza Unite!

Israeli ex-General evades London arrest for Gaza war crimes

Gaza: The children who did not visit the sea for 5 years

Reflections on the disengagement from Gaza
Gaza disengagement and Palestinian workers
The smokescreen of the Gaza disengagement
All Eyes on Gaza Disengagement

Rafah – Looking Beyond the Abyss

Rafah (poem: Josh Ekroy)
Rafah powerpoints
Rafah Today

Apartheid Wall: mass protests to UN all over West Bank

Apartheid Wall: Bil’in demo still on despite military attack
Apartheid Wall: escalation in Bil’in
Military raid fails to stop Bil’in protest

Apartheid and Agrexco in the Jordan valley

Refuseniks: Update on imprisoned Shministim (high school refusers)

Academics for Justice Action Alert: defend Norman Finkelstein’s book

Israeli ex-soldier jailed for Tom Hurndall’s shooting

Lock-on in Bili’in anti-Wall protest

Palestinian teacher re-arrested in anti-Wall protest

Salfit anti-Wall Actions postponed after assassinations
Apartheid Wall, a week of non-violent resistance
Apartheid Wall, protests continue
Anniversary of the illegal Apartheid Wall

Israel’s illegal chemical fumes

Prison death as Palestinian workers enter Israel (Challenge)

Boycotts, divestment, sanctions

Palestinian civil society calls for boycotts, divestment, sanctions

Israel, Apartheid and Sanctions: in response to Susie Jacobs

Palestine, Labor, and the AFL-CIO: Chicago 23 July

West Bank anti-Wall village committees to
Caterpillar and transport workers worldwide:
Front and Back (PDF 2 sided leaflet)

The Wall, World Bank and G8:
Edinburgh Mon 4 July
Poster (PDF b&w)
Front and Back (PDF 2 sided leaflet)

Palestine events at the G8

Histadrut complicit in underpayment of foreign workers

Tom Hurndall shooting: Israeli military court verdict

Palestinian Gandhi on Trial
The Wall: Imprisonment and Resistance

Exclusive photoreport: An incident in Bil‘een

LabourStart coverage of AUT boycott debate

West Bank Wall protests escalate

Liverpool Al-Assria Folklore Dance Group - Download A5 leaflet

Liverpool: Checkpoint Watch 16 July, Al-Assria folklore dance and Union of Health Work Committees 1 July

Turkish migrant workers in Israel - exploitation or deportation

Palestinian call for comprehensive academic boycott of Apartheid Israel

Palestinian Farmer’s Plea for Action

How about a Nobel Prize for Chutzpah?

Academic Boycott: Sue Blackwell’s page

Caterkiller Peterlee (Co. Durham) (Indymedia)
Caterpillar blockade in Peterlee

Video: Caterkiller
Caterpillar workforce surprised by Israeli arms trade demo

Israeli Committee on House Demolitions: A Statement on Sanctions

Palestinian workers rights after Gaza pullout

UNISON nurse: Four weeks in the Israeli occupied Palestinian West Bank

Against the Wall

10 Israelis arrested, beaten at Bil’in anti-Wall demo

Spontaneous protests in Tel-Aviv as soldiers kill unarmed boys
Two children killed in Beit Liqya anti-wall protest

Palestinians overwhelm Occupation Forces and defiantly march to the confiscated lands in Bil’in

A remarkable film of the demonstration in Bil’in, including footage of Israeli security forces dressed as demonstrators provoking violence and then attacking and arresting others (including several Knesset Members) has now been posted on the Gush Shalom site

Video: Undercover agents disrupt Bil’in demo
The uncovering of the undercover agents

West Bank arrests: Act Now!
Agents provocateurs in West Bank Wall protest
19 arrests as Bil’in anti-Wall protest continues

Bil’in: more photos

West Bank: Bil’in Wall protests continue
Anti-wall demo in Bil’in Friday 15 April
West Bank anti-Wall protests

Stop harassment of Palestinian trade unionist Hasan Barghouthi (LabourStart)

Government role in Sheffield welfare-to-work firm’s East Jerusalem contract (Electronic Intifada Exclusive)

Caterpillar Shareholders meeting report
Caterpillar: International Day of Action
Caterpillar drills destroy homes on eve of world protests

Academic Boycott

AUT reverses boycott decision (BBC)

AUT Exec stitches up Special Council

AUT Emergency Motion on Judea and Samaria College

Uncut Guardian letter: boycott will enforce international law
Why I signed the Guardian Letter

Guardian coverage of the Academic Boycott

Haifa University and the “Demographic Problem”

Boycott needed to create academic freedom in Israel (Counterpunch)

Jewish Socialist Group on education and boycotts

PSC Letter to AUT delegates

Open Letter to Jon Pike

The collapse of academic freedom in Israel (Counterpunch)

You brought the boycott upon yourselves
AUT to boycott Israeli institutions
AUT conference: Academics back Israeli boycotts (BBC)

Academic Boycott: Palestinian Unions Appeal
Ilan Pappe: To Boldly Go
Why we ask for a boycott
Comment on the boycott

Rafah: Rachel Corrie Center completed
Caterpillar charged with war crimes in lawsuit

There where Rachel stood
In memory of Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall
Remembering Rachel Corrie

Vanunu charged for speaking to journalists

Palestinians protest as Kofi Annan refuses to visit Apartheid Wall

James Miller, UK cameraman, killing case closed

New factsheet from the Anti-Apartheid Wall campaign (download PDF)

Palestinian Prisoners

Nahida Izzat Ghaith: I Believe in Miracles

Trapped like mice: Palestinians under the new Israeli Disengagement Plan (Electronic Intifada)

Palestine: Manchester events

Israeli community refuses Settlement Annexation

Haifa demolitions

Anti-Privatisation strike looms in Israeli ports

Balata film collective: Elections under Occupation

Electronic Intifada: Palesinian elections

Swinton TUC petition: Workers’ Advice Centre
Workers’ Advice Centre: Challenge magazine

Swinton TUC responds to the closure of WAC

WAC-MA’AN Defense campaign Update 3
We object to the closure of WAC - petition
Workers Advice Centre fightback
Israeli authorities move against Workers Advice Centre

Open Letter: Against LabourStart’s Veto of Palestinian Worker News

Memoirs of an anti-Zionist Jew

Dancing for Palestine: tour website

Union of Health Work Committees website

Cry for help as healthworkers trapped in Gaza
Amin Salem 1969 - 2004

Eyewitness in Gaza

Gaza: Union of Health Work Committees Emergency Appeal
Medics under fire in Jabalia
Health workers report from Jabalia invasion
Massive Israeli military offensive in northern Gaza

Anti-wall demo in Beit Awwa

Israel and Palestine - Choosing Sides

Free Marwan Barghouti - free all Palestinian political prisoners!

Israeli peace activist imprisoned under Mandate law

Israeli forces invade Gaza refugee camp

Ewa Jasiewicz: a diplomat explains

Palestinian Political Prisoners Hunger Strike
Journalist Ewa Jasiewicz detained

Beit Hanoun demolition - What Next?
Gaza Health Medical Appeal
Beit - Hanoun Under Siege and Fire

Gaza radio feature: “The Killing Fields”

KPFA drops Gaza story as Beit Hanoun siege continues

Israeli physicians: end dire situation at Rafah crossing
PNI: Rafah border crossing sealed for 10th day

Refusnik Daniel Tsal sentenced for 5th time

Haifa dock strike resumes as leader “arrested”
Israel: Dockers strike against privatisation

Khalid Salah murdered: Press Conference with Wife and Daughter
Khalid Salah murdered

Palestine Solidarity Protest Attacked Again
Attack on Pro-Palestinian Picket in Manchester
Palestine Solidarity Demonstration 17th July, Marks & Spencer, Manchester

The International Court of Justice Declares: The Wall is Illegal!

Olive Co-operative tour schedule

Please protest against censorship at Birmingham University

Jocelyn Hurndall addresses UNISON conference

The Apartheid Wall in Anata: Targeting Workers, Targeting Houses

This is not a subject for comedy

The Construction Industry in Israel-Palestine

UN warns Caterpillar over Israeli demolitions

Palestinian struggle against apartheid wall: video and photos

Palestinian ambulance under fire

Israeli Military Demolitions in Northwestern Jerusalem

Israelis to Quit Gaza Industrial Zone

Israel: Support the Unemployed in Nazareth District

Palestine: Anti-wall protests continue

Palestinian Worker Wounded in Gaza

Rafah: Another 41 houses demolished
Rafah invasion - the end?
Rafah: Homeless and angry
The crimes of war - Between Al Zeitoun (Gaza) and Rafah

Israeli solidarity demo near Rafah

Rafah: 39 Palestinians killed in 4 days

Why I burned my Israeli military papers

UN official calls for arms embargo on Israel

Cape Town anti-war movement tells South Africa
Break ties with Israel!

Rafah: Refuseniks, Anarchists arrested in Tel Aviv protest demo

Appeal for Rafah City
Rafah: The Bleeding Borders
Biddu demo in solidarity with Rafah
Israeli women and men Sufa (nr. Rafah) demo Friday
Israeli women refuse to leave Rafah until soldiers do!
Protest Israeli ‘war crimes’ against civilians in Rafah; Gaza
Union of Health Work Committees urgent appeal

Israel and the Occupied Territories: demolitions must stop

Rafah people are packing

Previous Rafah coverage

Palestinian workers trapped in factory by Israeli incursion
Gaza: Sharon the victorious, Bush and Blair

The Israeli torture template [sound not strange]

Israel - Vanunu solidarity appeal

Palestinian rights picket Downing St. 15 May

“The Wall Must Fall!” PSC national rally
1.30pm Sat. 15 May Trafalgar Square, London

May Day Palestine

NUT Conference motion on Middle East Peace

UNISON backs national Palestinian Solidarity rally 15 May

Palestine Now: Liverpool 11 May
Ghada Karmi, Mona El-Farra, Jocelyn Hurndall, Gerard Kelly

Free Prisoner of Conscience, Mordechai Vanunu, With No Restrictions!
Vanunu to be Released - Drop the Restrictions!
Petition in Support of Mordechai Vanunu

Creating a Bantustan in Gaza

Why all the fuss about Sharon?

Israeli Military Arrests 11 Nonviolent Activists In Biddu

Palestinian plan says no to attacks on civilians

Rafah: Israeli troops seek to erase memory of Rachel Corrie
see also Rafah

As in Tianamen Square

Campaigners condemn Labour MP's defence of assassination

Palestinian General Strike and 3 days Mourning

An act of state terrorism

Comment: Straw faces both ways

Palestinian General Delegation condemns assassination
London actions after criminal assassination

Call for Israeli soldiers to refuse illegal orders
A mad provocative act by a pyromaniac fireman
What most Israelis fail to understand



Gaza: interviews at Checkpoint Death
Gaza: workers without work
Gaza: Collective punishment of workers at Erez checkpoint
Gaza: Palestinian workers protest at Erez junction
Gaza: the IDF’s Shooting Range (Ha’aretz)
Gaza: Demo 14 Feb: Open Gaza, Stop the Killing!
Gaza: compensation package for planned Israeli withdrawal
Gaza death probe widened to NUJ cameraman James Miller
Tom Hurndall dies - his killer is indicted
See also material on Rafah below.

Rachel Corrie: protest the Wall Street Journal’s libels
Rachel Corrie memorial actions in Palestine
Justice for Rachel - London vigil 6 pm Tues 16 Mar

Refusnik meeting Manchester 20 Mar

Arab construction workers marked with “X” for snipers
No Arabic at McDonald’s Israel
Arrests of Palestinian democrats inside Israel

click for press statement
23 Feb: Demonstrators protest in front of the Apartheid Wall in Abu Dis

Anti-Apartheid wall campaign
Massive mobilisation in Palestine (23 Feb)
A Wall as a Weapon (Noam Chomsky)
Beit Surik and Biddu villagers ask Media presence
Hundreds March Against Apartheid Wall in Beit Surik
Budrus villagers, Israeli, international demo 12 Feb
Apartheid Wall: Popular Hearing in Hague - February
Anti-Apartheid Wall organisers abducted in Ramallah
Peace activists shot at Apartheid Wall
Dismiss Israel’s Chief of Staff

Refusnik book tour

Urgent appeal from Nablus

Arabs Against Discrimination

Arab Assoc. for Human Rights Weekly Report (5 Feb)
Arab Assoc. for Human Rights Weekly Report (10 Jan)

Palestine Weekly Report (PCHR)

Arab Assoc. for Human Rights Weekly Report

Does Israel have the right to exist?

Arab Assoc. for Human Rights on Benny Morris
One State or Discrimination? - correspondence with Benny Morris

The sisters of 15-year-old Palestinian boy Sami Salah cry while mourners carry his body out of the family house for burial in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah, Friday Oct. 10, 2003. Sami and seven more Palestinians were killed during an Israeli army invasion to the city. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)

Rafah Newsreel

A crime in Rafah

Palestine - Rafah Appeal
Palestine - Rafah Al Brazil camp invaded
Army At Rafah - Severe Violations Of International Law
Urgent Action: Rafah being destroyed by Israeli Occupation
Eyewitness Rafah: Between Invasions
Rafah tunnels: Reason or pretext?
Gaza: Rafah besieged and under constant attack
Gaza: Rafah Invasion

Gaza: Eyewitness in Rafah

Intifada message from Gaza

Geneva: Reducing the Palestinians
The Geneva Bubble
For One Democratic State
940 intellectuals and activists reject Geneva Accord

How an Israeli border policewoman sees the world

Christian Peacemaker Teams report from Hebron

Refusniks Fact Sheet
Yesh Gvul Refusnik’s Fund
Refusniks sentenced to year in prison: petition, demo

Mcr 8 Jan: Challenging the US-Israeli alliance

Avnery decodes Sharon speech
Sharon speech: tissue of lies

Israeli Refusniks: Statements in Court
Israeli Refusniks: Sentencing on Tuesday

Zionism: Silencing Dissent

Zionism and anti-Semitism: Guardian letters, published or not
Zionism and anti-Semitism: more Guardian letters

Export Labels Split Israel (Christian Science Monitor)

Palestine Eyewitness Report and Union Solidarity

Palestine Solidarity - Education Conference

Apartheid Wall: Report from Zububa

Palestinian and international actions against Apartheid Wall

The Wall must fall - London 9 Nov
No Wall - Manchester 9 Nov

Support the Airforce pilots who refuse

Threat to torture Palestinian children

Child of the Checkpoint

Refusniks trial: surprising session
Refusniks on trial

Settlements: The Cancer Cells

Olive farmers detained near Apartheid Wall
Farmers and Internationals Arrested For Harvesting
Olive Harvest Blocked on Yom Kippur

Call for boycott of Israeli academic institutions

The Israeli Army’s Credibility Problem

Exile (Gilad Atzmon video): Liverpool 24 Nov
Jenin film, Bolton 4 Nov

Israel, the new Apartheid: M’cr public meeting 28 Oct.

Jewish and Arab anti-racist call in France

ISM Eyewitness: Lunch With Arafat, Gas in Jayyous . . .

Debate: The European Social Forum and the Palestinian Question

more photos by Eyal Dor-Ofer

Israeli playwright Sobol backs refusing pilots
El Al pilots condemn Air Force Refusnik letter
Refusnik letter ‘Incitement to Mutiny’
The limits of the refusenik movement
25 Israeli Air Force pilots to refuse attack orders

Israeli dockers strike (press reports)
IDC solidarity with Israeli anti-privatisation dock strike

Apartheid Wall Down: Manchester demo 9 Nov

Birzeit University: Students Protest the Continued Closure
Birzeit University: Israelis close Ramallah-Birzeit road

Internationals with Arafat
Gush Shalom Activists Sleep Over At Arafat's Compound
Times: Human shields defiant as Israel takes revenge
Threat to Arafat: Gush Shalom ads, demo

Manchester Palestine Solidarity Public Meetings

A Tribute to Edward Said
Edward Said

Patients Detained by Israeli Army

Healthworkers denounce Israeli violations in Nablus
Seventh Israeli assassination in 11 days

Palestinian children defend their education

Who violated the hudna? (Ha’aretz)
The end of the Road Map?

West Bank report-back: Manchester 17 Sept

Film London 5 Sept: MATZPEN - anti-Zionist Israelis

Challenge (Sept-Oct 2003)
Israeli Left: End of the Two-state solution
Cry, the beloved Two-state solution (Ha’aretz)
Comment on Two-state solution

Apartheid wall detentions update (7 Aug)
Apartheid wall detentions update (6 Aug)
Mass detentions of Apartheid Wall protestors (5 Aug)
Early success in Apartheid Wall protest (3 Aug)

Agitprop News: Palestine

Palestine conference: London 13 Sept.

The Wailing Wall
Apartheid Wall in the Heart
Online petition Stop the Wall

IDF blocks farmers crossing Wall
IDF troops shoot wall protestors

Qalqiliya Appeal
against the Apartheid Wall

PENGON: Know the facts about the wall (465 kB Word)
The Wall and Permanent Status options (370 kB Power Point)

Apartheid Wall: maps of current and planned path
Palestinian resistance to the Apartheid Wall
The Apartheid Wall in Palestine: South African Perspectives
Apartheid Wall: Women’s Peace Protest

Manchester demo against the wall

Ramallah: A Day in the Life

The Road from Aqaba

Generous Offers - Then and Now
Road Map to Oslo Cul-de-Sac
Roadmap final text (Word)

Where the money goes

Workers Advice Centre website
Migrant workers in Israel: screening 21 July
‘Special Treatment’ for Palestinians from East Jerusalem

Refusniks message to Palestinians

Sabra and Shatila trial may proceed

Stop eviction of Bedouin!

Zionism, Racism & the Jews
Lenni Brenner tour schedule

Nazism, Nakba, Apartheid: Liverpool 23 June
Lenni Brenner book tour + “A State of Denial” (Ilan Pappe)
Word leaflet

Sophie Hurndall: speech to Trafalgar Square rally 17 May
ISM: Statement from Flo
Update on arrested ISM activists
IDF waiver form for entry into Gaza

Autopsy: UK cameraman was killed by IDF fire (Ha'aretz)
Inquiry call after UK journalist’s death (BBC)

Comment on Political Censorship article
Political censorship at B’ham Univ. Students Union

The only democracy in the Middle East?

Israeli weapons of mass destruction - Vanunu: Mcr 22 May
Vanunu: notes on BBC Correspondent
Israel lobby reacts to Vanunu programme

for information on the Israeli nuclear weapons programme see the Federation of American Scientists Israeli nukes page

Freedom for Samar & Jamad

Searching Jenin: Eyewitness Accounts of the Israeli invasion (Z-net)

Birmingham unionist visits Palestine

Jews in France: public meeting

Palestine and Israel - The Other Israel newsletter

Israeli forces surround Ramallah

Palestine – Solidarity on Wheels

Palestine Update

As the war approaches, Palestinian fears rise
Coming weeks could be bloodiest in Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Palestinian Transfer: Crying Wolf? (Uri Avnery)

Rachel Corrie 16 March 2003

Caterpillar - US protest on complicity in Corrie murder
Death of Rachel Corrie: No Accident
Photo report: peace activist killed by bulldozer (Electronic Intifada)
Rachel Corrie: Letter from Palestine
American peace activist killed by Israeli bulldozer in Gaza Strip

Middle East Update 6 March - For Better Days!

Thousands march in Tel Aviv 15 Feb

Jobless in Gaza: Intifada of the Unemployed (Amira Hass, Ha’aretz)
Israel Threatens Massive Deportation Campaign

PCS calls for boycott, sanctions, arms ban, and war crimes investigation

UNISON NEC Statement on the Middle East

ILWU Local 10: International labor solidarity against Zionist repression, for a Just Peace
AFSCME 304 (Seattle) Palestine resolution

Brent Meeting: Palestine Where Next?

Canadian Postal Workers Emergency Resolution On Palestine

Online Petition: AFL-CIO Leaders Don't Speak for Me in Their Support of Israeli Actions in Palestine

Gilad Atzmon tour dates

Academic Boycott of Israel – in Support of Paris VI

Migrant workers kicked in head
Israeli forces attack Gaza

Law, Academic Freedom under Occupation (London, 26 Jan)

Petition re disqualification of Azmi Bishara and Balad

Refusnik Tal Matalon: Opening Our Eyes
High School Refusniks letter to Sharon
Haggai Matar: I refuse to cooperate

Palestinian activist Amer Jubran under threat in US

Eyewitness: UN official’s husband abducted in West Bank

Transfer of Palestinians has begun

Union Of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees - Urgent Appeal

PGFTU Aid: US-Palestine Labor Solidarity Project

At school in Jenin

Practical solidarity in Palestine

Pilger’s film opens debate on Middle East coverage (Guardian)
John Pilger: Why my film is under fire (Guardian)

Caterpillar Besieged for War Crimes

Histadrut and police against migrant workers

Ilan Pappe: Israeli Jewish myths
and the prospect of American war

Inside Jenin and Nablus
Troops occupy Nablus medical centres, fire on ambulance

Queer ‘Settlers’ occupy Starbucks

Israel sees opportunity in possible US strike on Iraq (Christian Science Monitor)

Letter to a pilot
Air Force General urges treason trial for Gush Shalom
Witch-hunt continues against Gush Shalom
Gush Shalom appeal for support
Sharon considers move against Gush Shalom
Gush Shalom warning letters to Israeli officers

Outrage over Druckman law

Stop UK buying Israeli Spike missile (PSC)

Workers the most to suffer from Israeli measures

Organising Arab construction workers (WAC)

LAW response to Kofi Annan report on Jenin
UN Secretary General report on Jenin

Israeli Air Colonel opposes bombings (Jan 2002)

1949 Labour Camps in Palestine - Nakba (Dr. Salman Abu Sitta, Al-Awda)

Eye-witness in Gaza
Sharon answers cease-fire offer with carnage
Toothless in Gaza (John Jones, Guardian comment)
Ramallah Checkpoint story “sums it up”

The analogy to Apartheid (Middle East Report)
Zionist Ideology, the Non-Jews and the State of Israel

Academic Boycott petition
Demo Backs Mona Baker (Manchester Online)
A choice for academics (Hilary & Stephen Rose, Guardian)
Mona Baker statement (23 June)
Solidarity with Mona Baker

Tel Aviv concert backs army refusniks
Practical solidarity with Palestinians

Martin Wicks: Workers Advice Centres
Support Sindyanna of Galilee

Kav La’Oved (Worker’s Hotline)

Palestinian Enslavement Entering a New Phase
Reforming the Palestine Authority
More Human Rights Violations
My fellow Muslims, we must fight anti-Semitism

Unions and the War in Palestine (Green Left Weekly)

Histadrut to strike over war budget? (Workers Online)

Peres and Peretz calm Norwegian trade unions on call to boycott Israel
Israelis fail to persuade Norwegian trade unions to lift boycott
Why Academic Boycott?
Norwegian Union leaders stopped at Tel Aviv airport (Aftenposten)
Israeli businessman fails to end Danish union boycott (Israelinsider)
Danish and Norwegian unions call boycott (Ha’aretz, Aftenposten)
Boycott Israel, says Jewish Cabinet minister in S. Africa (Reuters)
Boycott Israeli Goods

Ambulance Drivers: Mercy Stalled (Suzanne Goldenberg, Guardian 18 May)
Health Crisis in Palestine
Israeli Medical Association slated
Israeli Medical Association replies

All in a Day’s Work (Electronic Intifada)
Palestinian detainees complain about ill-treatment

Palestinian workers (from Palestine Solidarity Committee of South Africa)

18 yr. old Israeli Conscientious Objectors back in prison
Statement from U.S. Veterans to Israeli Troops

Population Transfer: The lurking shadow of expulsion
Jordan: King Abdallah in Washington (MERIP)

Progress in Sabra-Shatila case

The Day After: Palestinian Statement


Zionist Ideology, the Non-Jews and the State of Israel (Ur Shlonsky)

Israeli Couple: Our daughter was killed, Israel is to blame (Alexandra Williams, The Mirror)

A resurgence of the Israeli left?
Beilin, Beilinism and the Hegemonic Leftist - Zionist Ideology

My fellow Muslims, we must fight anti-Semitism

Response to Said Elnashaie
Response to Moshe’ Machover
On a United Democratic Palestine and Freedom of Religion
A United Democratic Palestine with Freedom of Religion

Palestine coverage on LabourStart

Reply to Muwakkil: Jewish, Judaism and Zionism
Muwakkil: Anti-Semitism: An ally in Sharon’s campaign
Challenge #73: analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Mumia: A Tale of Two Occupations
On Terrorism and Auschwitz
The Little Intifadas of Israel’s Left
Can the Palestinians manage without Ben Rickman’s support?
LabourNet coverage: Letter from Ben Rickman

Women in Jenin refugee camp, April 11, 2002
(AP Photo/Jerome Delay)

Demolishing Jenin, on a 60 ton bulldozer
Visit to Jenin
Jenin - The Propaganda War
Something Stinks
Jenin - take my word for it
Jenin: Amnesty International Statement
Israeli Peace Movement at Jenin Checkpoint Demonstration (Indymedia)
Israeli soldiers assault journalists near Jenin refugee camp
200 Palestinians Estimated Killed in Massacre in Jenin
Israeli Forces Dig Mass Graves - Covering up War Crimes
Horror is Taking Place in Jenin
Reports on conditions in Jenin, Ramallah
Death and destruction in Jenin, above all
When the world sees... it will be immensely damaging for us

Ramallah: IDF Destruction to Palestinian Governmental Institutions
Devastating Damage and Vandalism by Israeli soldiers
Ramallah: What happened at the British Council building?
Rampant stealing by the Israeli Army continues in Ramallah
Letter from Ramallah

Despite the Chaos:
Israeli and Palestinian Women: Joint Statement
The most important thing you can do right now

How San Fran Labor Council revoked Middle East resolution
San Francisco Labour Council reverses stance
Resolution on Mid-East Conflict
Collateral Damage is Still Bombing
COSATU condemns bombing of Palestine union HQ

ICFTU Gen. Sec.: "Stop the carnage now"
Journalists Launch Global Campaign for Ceasefire (IFJ)

Motion on the Middle East (Campaign for Socialism)

A Pop Quiz on the Middle East - Answers may surprise you

The “Do More” Chorus in Washington (MERIP)
Crisis in Israel-Palestine: Background and Analysis (MERIP)

Break The Conspiracy Of Silence

Middle East: Chomsky Interview (Z-Net)
US Aid to Israel: The Lifeblood of Occupation

Israel: Students Union bans Arab political activity
Political censorship at Univ. of North London

April 20th in Washington D.C.

London Demo Photo Report (Indymedia)
Online protest: ‘Ariel Sharon is Taking the Peace’

Occupied Territories Daily Briefing 11 April
Mass Detention, Torture and Human Shields
Fear for Safety and Torture of over 1000 Palestinians
In Palestine: Crimes Against Culture

The good news and the bad news

An Israeli View from Arafat’s Compound
Israeli Refusniks: 30 jailed
Israel deporting international solidarity activists and lawyers

The real goal of Ariel Sharon
Sharon Replies to Arab Peace Plan
Sharon’s Agenda and Arafat’s Irrelevance

Gush Shalom Statement
Women Living Under Muslim Laws: Statement on Palestine
Palestine: UK citizens statement to British Consulate

The road to Ramallah
Open Letter to American Jews (Assaf Oron)
Open Letter to the Commander of the Israeli Paratroopers
Activist in Bethlehem

Palestine: Model Letter to MPs (Friends of Palestine)

Palestine: Kosovan Miners Message

Letters of Warning: The Or Commission in Israel


Help for the Union of Health Work Committees in Gaza
Palestinian Medical Staff Targetted
Slain doctor had army’s okay to collect medicines

UK lawyers write to Jack Straw

International Women’s Day 2002

Israel and Palestine more coverage