Rob Williams reinstated - Victory at Linamar!

Report by National Shop Stewards Network
Published: 11/06/09

via Hugh Caffrey

Rob Williams, Linamar South Wales, won unconditional reinstatement on 10th June

Rob, Unite convenor of the Linamar car parts plant Swansea and vice-chair of the National shop stewards network (NSSN), has won his campaign against this sacking by Linamar management in Swansea.

The news of Rob Williamís unconditional reinstatement back in the Linamar car parts factory Swansea as convenor is a victory for all workers and militant trade unionism.

First of all it is down to the marvellous solidarity shown by his own workers and Unite members who refused, under tremendous intimidation, to accept that he was sacked. They not only stood by Rob but were also prepared to take all out strike action for as long as it took for him to get his job back and to take his proper place in the factory as their elected convenor of the shop stewards.

It is down as well to the tremendous support that Rob had from around Wales, the UK and indeed many other countries as well.

The big show of support that Rob had at a mass rally of workers in Swansea in the week he was sacked demonstrated from the beginning that Rob was not alone and many other were prepared to come to this aid.

It is also down to the unstinting support that Rob had from Unite the union and its general secretary Tony Woodley. As part of the campaign Rob was sent by Woodley to the Ford assembly plant in Kansas USA who are the main recipients of the parts from Swansea.

It was clear that the plant was already in deep trouble due to difficulties with supplies from Swansea and if an all out strike had started Ford would have had to have shut the plant down for the duration. This pressure was obviously the final straw for the bosses and they knew they were on a loser if they maintained their victimisation of Rob.

Rob Williams would like to thank all those who sent messages of support and financial donation to the campaign.

The demo on Saturday which was planned in Swansea is now obviously cancelled. There will be a victory event in the near future.

What this shows as well that the unions can fight back against victimisations and all that the bosses throw at us. This campaign has been a bench mark for all future struggles particularly following the victories at Visteon and Lindsey Oil plants earlier this year.

Rob will be a platform speaker at the national shop stewards network conference on Saturday 27 June London - see web site for details