PGFTU Account of recent events in Nablus

PGFTU women's Officer Abla Masrujeh in Nablus
(Abla recently spoke at the UNISON Conference)

Although Israel is declaring that they stopped the attacks against Palestinians, the missile shelling is still on going killing around 5 Palestinians and the destruction of the main electricity generators leaving the citizens of Gaza to live in complete darkness in addition to lack of food, medicines and fuel.

Arresting 8 Palestinian ministers and 20 of the PLC. The PLC members of Jerusalem are punished by withdrawing their Jerusalem IDs and deny of residency in their own home city.

Closing all entrances and exits to and from Gaza forcing many Palestinians to remain at the exit of Rafah to Egypt.

WALEED SHAHROORI, a 17 years old terrified young man was surrounded by the Israeli army for more than 19 hours while he was hiding from them in the central cemetery of Nablus city. One young man -20 years old- was killed and 2 others arrested, 31 people who were demonstrating against the soldiers were injured. For the whole 19 hours Nablus did not sleep, hundreds of sound bombs, bullets and shelling missiles were used, in addition to light bombs as well, planes, snipers on the top of surrounding buildings, robots that had been sent inside the cemetery to shoot closely at the young man who was injured and finally arrested, leaving the city shocked from the way the Israeli army was dealing with this.

The army used badly his mother to convince him to surrender, she tried to get him out of the cemetery with 2 of the first aid staff, but the soldiers did not give her a chance when they started shooting intensively trying to kill him.

Yesterday night Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haneyyehs Gaza offices have been hit in an air strike, killing one person and destroying properties. people are expecting assassination of Haneyyeh any minute.

Israel is planning for removing BAB LMAGHARIBEH (one of the historical gates in Jerusalem leading to AlAqsa mosque) road aiming to change the structure of the area. This is another action that will definitely lead to more violence escalation by the Israeli and more fighting by the Palestinians.

What is so called Summer rain operation against Gaza keeps the citizens of Gaza away from the beach although they do not find an alternative to cool in the hot Palestinian summer, nor the heat of the Israeli Summer Rain operation.

The PGFTU was planning to organize a joint meeting for the EB both Gaza and west bank members, on the 8th of July, due to the circumstances, this meeting in cancelled.


Bernard Regan

Trade Union Officer

Palestine Solidarity Campaign


Why are all the things done to Apartheid South Africa not being done to Israel? I say with confidence that Israel is an Apartheid state. The trade union movement must move beyond resolutions, otherwise history will look back on us and spit on our graves.

Willy Madisha, President of COSATU.

11/3/06 PSC TU Conference, London.