San Francisco Labor Council backs picket of Israeli Zim Lines Ship

Report by San Francisco Labor Council
Published: 18/06/10

THANK YOU to the San Francisco Labor Council for officially publicizing this event!!!

Francesca Rosa

Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 21:10:22 GMT
From: “San Francisco Labor Council“ Subject: Francesca, Labor & Community Picket of Israeli Zim Lines Ship Sunday

Dear Francesca,

Join the Labor and Community Picket of an Israeli Zim Lines Ship

WHEN: Sunday, June 20 5:30 A. M (morning)

WHERE: Port of Oakland, Berth 57 - Middle Harbor Road (Park at West Oakland BART to catch a shuttle to the picket)

WHY: Unions, labor federations, and other organizations around the world -- including the Alameda and San Francisco County Labor Councils-- have condemned Israel’s attack against the Gaza Freedom Flotilla on May 31, 2010. Nine people were killed and dozens injured in the Israeli attack in international waters on ships attempting to bring humanitarian cargo to the suffering and blockaded people of Gaza.

WHO: Everyone who stands for justice and against occupation. This is a moment of great opportunity. In San Francisco in 1984, a picket line and refusal to unload cargo of a ship carrying South African cargo was a key event in mobilizing the anti-apartheid movement worldwide.

Contact Monadel Herzallah at 408-849-7977 for information.

(Wear a jacket - it will be cold!)